Tuesday, 4 February 2014

It's Good News Day for Miss Twinkle!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Miss Twinkle and Mr Brambles here with some good news!

This morning Old Two Legs got an SMS on his phone from a man who says that Twinkle is his. OTL telephoned him back and he described Twinkle to OTL's satisfaction and he is going to come over this evening to pick her up!

It seems that OTL and the notices on all those lamp posts and bus stops did 'The Business'!

We will find out this evening the whole story of Miss Twinkle and her history, so, more news when it arrives!

Down on the beach Mr Brambles was showing off 'cos he had dug a super big hole in the sand but this morning it had gone!

He reckons someone had pinched it!

OK, Who Nicked Me Hole?
 Miss Snowflake said she would help him look for it but we reckon she was just trying to calm him down!

I'll Look Up Here Dear!
 Mind you, it didn't help with us two woofers calling out 'It's Behind You!'

Doesn't he show off so?
Miss Snowflake asked where all the cockles had gone 'cos all that remained was the shells but Mr B was too busy looking for his hole. He even suggested we had something to do with it, as if!

So Many Shells, So Few Holes!
On the Rock Wall, Miss Snowflake was demonstrating the 'Reverse Climb' to us. She said that it was easy for her to do it as she is very fond of walking backwards. Holly said that you have to be careful going backwards 'cos you may fall into a hole.

Mr Brambles was Not Amused!

And this is the Reverse Traverse!
It wasn't long before Mr Brambles got fed up with our jokes and decided it was time to get home for some breakfast!

Come on Girl, Home!
We had chicken for breakfast this morning which is a lot better than Doggy Scoff and of course, we spent all morning snoozing in OTL's office. Miss Twinkle came out and had a cuddle with OTL and even managed to fall asleep on OTL's arm with her head resting on his fingers!

I think she will miss cuddles with OTL when she leaves!

Lunch time we were out again and OTL took his Infrared Camera Thingy to have a play as the sun was shining.

I asked if OTL would take a picture of me doing my 'Flying Trick' and now that I've looked at it, don't I look serious!

Low Flying Pooch!
 Holly wouldn't have a go at flying, she said that the best she would do was to sit in the passenger seat and let OTL do the flying home!

Stuff Flying, just drive me home!
About half way through the afternoon Miss Twinkles owner called to pick her up and it seems that she is part of a 'Working Pack' of ferrets. She hasn't got a name but OTL told him we called her Miss Twinkle!

He said that she was a feisty ferret and would only stay in the same cage as her brother, who looks exactly the same as her!

So, she is a lucky ferret to get back home after about three weeks of being lost, one week spent with us and two weeks living on her own!

The only camera OTL had to hand was the Infrared Thingy, so, here you are, a final picture of Miss Twinkle before she left OTL to go back to her home.

Bye Bye Twinkle!
Mr Brambles and Miss Snowflake said that as much as they liked having Twinkle stay with us, it was a lot more 'Comfortable' being back with just the two of them!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, and Mr Brambles.

Miss Twinkle said Bye Bye to you as well!