Monday, 15 September 2014

Monday Funday!

Hi Woofers!

We're back again!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

Well, today has been a good day for winding up your sister!

We started off this morning on the beach, the ferrets were messing about on the waters edge, Mr Brambles even threatened to go for a swim in the rock pool!

Can I? Just One little swim?
 Old Two Legs said that Brambles would get a Soggy Bottom if he played in the water, so Mr B decided that he should stick to digging holes instead!

This a Hole lot of fun!
 Now, you know how much OTL is into sun rises and sunsets? Well, he keeps taking pictures of Sheerness and sometimes he makes it look totally potty by using Photoshop to change the colours. So, today, Holly challenged him to take a picture with no Photoshop mucking about, except to crop to size!

Well, he took the challenge and this is the result!

Sheerness and Isle of Sheppy, straight out of the camera!
Back home Holly and I were fighting over a chew we had been given. Holly had one chew and ate it until there was only a little bit left. Then she left it in OTL's bedroom.

Miss Snowflake found the chew and stole it!

It is now hidden in the ferret maze inside a cardboard box. Holly, wasn't too worried 'cos she hunted around and found my untouched chew!

Miss Snowflake came back into the bedroom and then found the Teeth Cleaning Chew we hadn't started on yet.

So she pinched it and it is now hidden in the back of the ferret cage!

All that means I am left with no chew and a Holly Dog with a silly grin on her face!

What could I do?

The only thing I could do was to tell OTL what had happened and try to get another chew out of the 'Treat Draw'!

After a bit of 'Miscommunication' OTL finally got the message and I was the proud owner of a new chew!

By then I had decided I wasn't going to eat it but I didn't want Miss Holly Dog to pinch it, so I put it under OTL's chair in the office and gave him a shove on the back of the chair to let him know it was there.

Now OTL isn't the quickest Two Legs but after a bit he found where I had hidden it and then he put it up on his desk where I could see it and when I'm next in the mood for a nibble, he can get it down for me!

Am I sneaky or Wot?

Lunchtime we met up with young Dave the Westie who always says hello to us then heads for OTL to get a stroke and a Tickle of The Tail!

Yo Girls!
 This afternoon it was a bit warm so Holly and I were looking for cool shadows and we headed for the benches to wait for OTL to catch up!

Shift over Holly Dog I want a share of that shadow!
 I fancied a swim but all there was left after the tide had gone out was the mud, Holly tried to get me to go for a Splodge Around in the mud, but I'm not that silly!

You should have had a little paddle in the mud!
 This afternoon OTL has been working on the wedding photos and now they are down on a DVD ready to be sent.

Tomorrow OTL plans to wash the caravan, all ready for the holiday! Holly and I will be inside watching him!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.