Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Return of The Barrel!

Hi Woofers!

It's Daisy & Holly back again!

Guess What? We went out on our morning stroll along The Sea Wall and we spotted The Barrel back again at the High Tide mark. Seems it went out for a cruise then returned to the same beach for a snooze while the tide went out!

The Return of The Barrel!

Holly tried running The Wall of Death, well some sea weed covered concrete that when it's wet is slippery beyond belief!

Even with Puppy Powered Four Paw Powered Traction Control,  it's as slippery as a frozen pond!

Puppy Powered Four Paw Powered Traction Control!

After that scare, all Holly wanted was to go home and have some breakfast to calm her nerves!

Take me home for Breakfast!

As soon as we had eaten breakfast Old Two Legs had his coat on and an arm full of bits that needed delivering, so off we went again!

We finished just around the corner from The Forest, so,  where shall we go now?

Squirrel Hunting!

We got into the Forest but Holly wanted to show off her 'New Look'. She said she had been slimming and now looked all Super Slim and Trim!

I asked her when she did the slimming and Holly said 'Last Night, I didn't have any chews until ten thirty!'

If that's slimming then I'm a Sheep!

Looking Slimmer for The Spring!

We saw several squirrels up in the trees but to begin with I saw one on the ground, off I went like a streak of lightening doing my 'Squirrel Chasing War Cry'!

The squirrel saw me and only just managed to get up the tree trunk before I got to him!

Sneaky Squirrel having a breather!

Then OTL spotted a Tree Creeper chasing another Tree Creeper all around a tree trunk. Then one stopped and hid under a big branch, until the other one found her.

Tree Creeper Creeping Around The Tree!

Holly said it was a game of Hide-n-Creep!

I spotted some more squirrels and Holly an I chased them up even more trees!

Quick its up here!
Then OTL spotted a Jay sitting in the tree as well. Trouble was, it was sitting on a branch that was too high off the ground and the picture looks like OTL was trying to photograph the Jays Bottom!

Smile Please!
Back home for a snooze before our third outing of the day!

We bullied OTL into taking us down to the Sea Wall and guess what!

Yep! The Barrel is Back!

Back home to dinner, chicken and biscuits followed by some gammon steak from OTL's plate!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly