Sunday, 11 September 2011

F1 Racing, Lazy Sunday and MAX!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy And Holly here again with you.

Old Two Legs and The Missus had a late night last night 'cos Alun and Glynis and OTL and TM were gassing and laughing and eating and drinking and laughing and, well you get the picture!

They stayed up well past their normal bedtime and of course, they would have had a late morning had Holly and me not woken them up in plenty of time, somewhere around twenty past five!

We always make sure they get up on time, even if OTL was a little grumbly!

We had our walk and when we got back Alun & Glynis packed up all their stuff and headed back to their home, it was great fun seeing them again and we had loads of mugging as well!

The F1 racing was exciting with Button second, he really is a super driver, smooth and precise!

After the racing we went down to the Sea Wall and went looking for Mr Rabbit, but I think he was in his burrow watching the F1 Highlights 'cos he didn't come out when we called him!

I went for a little paddle in the sea as it was High Tide, no muddy stuff for OTL to tell us not to walk in!

The sea was all gentle up against the concrete rock things on the beach and it looked all smooth and shiny, just wait for winter, I bet it will be big waves and loads of noise!

This sign is funny 'cos it points the wrong way to where the footpath goes and no one takes any notice 'cos they walk through the fence and along the path. OTL won't take us along there though 'cos there are loads of sharp metal spikes that may hurt us if we bump into them!

Hey, Wot? Did you see Max? No! Have a look here.

This is one seriously cute Miniature Schnauzer called Max.


We will look forward to seeing how you progress along your training of the Two Legs in your new family!

We have been having trouble getting this blog to 'print' so we will cut it short and upload while it is still working!

See you all soon.


Daisy & Holly

P.S.  Woofing good night Max!