Thursday, 12 September 2013

Doggy Scoff........YUK!

Hi Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

You can tell the Autumn is on it's way, the mornings are a bit colder than it has been over the Summer and where we would stay on our own bed, now we sneak up onto OTL's bed and snuggle up to his back and enjoy a warm spot in the early hours of the morning!

The ferrets say that they have their own bed to snuggle into and of course they also cuddle up together.

That's 'cos they are built for cuddling!

This morning when we went out this morning Snowflake stayed snuggled up to OTL while Mr Brambles was chasing us along the path!

He is a right little villain sometimes and tries to catch us out when we are planning to surprise a rabbit or two!

Down on the beach he leaves us alone and spends all his time digging in the sand and rubbing his chin onto a 'Marking Spot' that both ferrets have decided that will be the 'Notice Board' for any other passing ferrets!

Checking the Notice Board!
Of course, they also just had to have a 'Ferret Around' the plants growing on the beach. Mr Brambles said that the vegetation wasn't too exciting but still worth a sniff! 

Mmmmm, bit rubbishy really!
We managed to get back before the rain started and was looking forward to our breakfast. The ferrets went off to their 'Ferret Nuggets' that contain turkey and all sorts of yummy stuff!

We went into the kitchen to find our bowls full of Doggy Scoff!

Oh No! we had that stuff a couple of days ago and we didn't touch it until late in the day 'cos we ran out of mugging opportunities!

So, we reluctantly accepted another day of 'Rumbly Tums' unless we strike it lucky. Well, the ferrets may take pity on us and toss a few nuggets through the cage bars for us!

Snowflake did pass a couple of nuggets but they were the old and dry ones she found under her sleeping cushion, still, I had a chew and said thank you!

On our lunch time walk we spotted those Bozo Ferrel Pigeons walking along the beach but as soon as Holly asked if they would taste like chicken, they flew off!

....taste like Chicken?
 There was a Wormy Man out on the mud but we couldn't be bothered to wait for him to get to the beach and Holly said that there was no sign of a sandwich bag on him anywhere!

Has he got any sandwiches?
I was getting a bit desperate, so I gave him one of my 'Hairy Eyeball' looks but he still didn't look like he had any food, so we left him to squelch through the mud on his Wormy Quest!

Me, doing the old 'Hairy Eyeball'
So, that was it, back home, sniff the Doggy Scoff, go find an old chew I hid in the office and have a snooze until OTL gets his dinner!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy (The Hungry), Holly (The Starving), Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles (Both well fed on Ferret Nuggets)!