Wednesday, 9 September 2015

More Packing and the Ferret Cage goes sideways into the caravan!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Mr Brambles, Miss April and Miss May here again!

We have been busy Woofers today, I mean, so much packing and so little space!

You know, we have let The Missus organise the packing and while we see some of our stuff going in the caravan, we have noticed that the van seems to 'Sag' a bit at the back where she has stashed her stuff!

I can see the back end of the caravan falling off if we hit a bump!

We, well, TM, has decided that we can't take the big ferret cages 'cos there just ain't the room, so, the ferrets will have to stay in the smaller cages while we are on site and get double the walks along the beach! TM says that if they are tired enough the won't need much room to sleep and will not care that the cage is smaller!

What worries Holly and me is..........what is she going to 'Economise' on as far as us Woofers go?

Reduction in food?
Reduce the sleeping space?
Cut down on the number of chews?
Most worrying!

After all that, Old Two Legs wanted to see how the cages would fit going through the caravan door. Well, the smaller one just squeezed through, but we knew it would 'cos we have taken that away before.

However, when it came to fitting the larger cage through the door, it was too big!

TM sorted it though, 'Turn it on it's side!' and it worked!

Trouble is, when we are away and want to bring the cage in for the night, OTL will have to make sure all the water bowls and Poo Pots and Toys and Ferrets, are removed before turning it on the side!

Can you imagine the trouble there would be with Ferret Poo all over the caravan floor mixed with ferret food and water and ferrets!

We are going to have a 'Meeting' tonight to get some things sorted, like how much TM can take and what room is left for us!

It was fun on the beach this morning, Holly and I were digging holes all over the place and we thought it would be a good idea if we left the ferrets in the hole but OTL said that they would only dig themselves out and chase us, so we left the ferrets to 'Ferret About' instead!

This would make a good Ferret Hole!
 Back home we had Lambs Heart waiting and of course, that went down a treat, it was Tails up and Nose down and don't come up for air!

OTL has nearly got his very small camera bag packed. TM has told him that he can't have any more room than a Tesco's Plastic Bag.

OTL is not a Happy Puppy!

Lunchtime it was still cloudy and grey, in fact it was so bad that I didn't even fancy a swim in the sea!

Can't say it looks too inviting today!
 Down on the beach Miss May was demonstrating how a ferret can make use of anything to hand to make a camouflage suit so she can sneak up on Holly!

First you see me then you don't!
Holly did point out that it was a dead give away to see a bunch of sea weed running up the beach with a tail hanging out the back!

Then, to prove how good she was, Holly crept up behind a couple of Two Legs and investigated their food bag and all without them seeing her!

She's dead good at that!

Nothing left!
 There is a travelling bowl that OTL keeps in the car for Holly and me to have a slurp of after our walk.

Just of late the Page Three Girls have been getting in the car first and getting first slurp!

Mmmmm! This is good!
It's Miss April who spends more time drinking but Miss May did suggest that if OTL were to fill it up to the top, they could both go swimming in it!

We could play Boats in it as well!
 We are off for our 'Meeting' now, so, wish us luck!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake, Mr Brambles, Miss April and Miss May.