Saturday, 8 November 2014

It's getting colder!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here again!

You will be please to hear that Old Two Legs got a relatively undisturbed nights sleep last night. Well almost, I did wake up in the early hours with a desperate urge to give his ear and bald patch a serious licking!

Holly didn't get the need to wake OTL either, so, snoozing all night!

When we went to the front door to load the car up with The Missus's stuff for her Master Class, it was raining, wet rain, so on with the rain coat!

OTL decided not to take the camera 'cos it would get too wet, that means he had more time to run away from Miss Snowflake when we got to the beach!

It was rather funny 'cos they both got out of the bag, had a wee, then headed back to the bag again!

I must say, Holly and I had the same idea but there wasn't enough room in the bag, I mean, it was full of ferrets!

We had some fun taking a load of rubbish down the dump and then back for a breakfast of chicken followed by a snooze.

OTL had a look at the 'Instruction List' and decided to trim back one of the big plants in the garden, the one the Blackbird nests in each year!

Well, it kept OTL out of trouble!

Lunchtime came and OTL grabbed the camera and we headed off to the Sea Wall again but this time, instead of his normal camera he grabbed the Infra Red Thingy Camera, which means, Black and White photos!

The tide was right in and looking at how far it had come up the beach I reckon it must be a Spring Tide.

Well, I stood there and had a think, shall I or ....?

Do I really want a swim?
 In the end I decided against it 'cos it was just too cold!

...and it looks too wet as well!
Holly came walking along and commented that it was just too windy for a swim, not that she would go in, even in the summer!

Too Windy for me!
Half way through the walk, down came the rain again! So, a quick wee and the short cut and back to the car at a trot!

Back home we had another nibble from our bowl and headed for the bed for another snooze before TM came back from her Master Class.

As it got dark the Whizz Bangs started again and Holly went up stairs to OTL in his office and demanded he pick her up and give her a cuddle!

I mean, he was tickling the ferrets at the time! Still, Holly came first 'cos the ferrets can sleep through anything, including Whizz Bangs!

So, with the rain heading our way it possibly could be a short episode of Whizz Bangs tonight, claws crossed!

See you tomorrow when we will be helping OTL in the garden!

Bye for now!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles