Monday, 7 October 2013

Holly gets 'Ticked Off'!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here again.

I'm feeling fine now, just an itch every so often from my cheek but that's about all.

Old Two Legs got all artistic this morning and tried to get a good silhouette of a tree but as Holly pointed out, it was too sunny!
A 'Silhouette' it 'aint!
 Later, after our run around the forest path as normal, we got back to a good towelling down to get rid of the dew we picked up from the grass.

Problem was, Holly had picked up a tick over the last couple of days!

It was chomping away just under her chin!

Old Two Legs spotted it, he's getting Hyper Sensitive to little lumps on us puppies!

Show Off Holly, just rolled onto her side, stuck her chin out and let OTL take the tick off with his special Tick Removing Tool!

For that act of bravery, she got four puppy milk choccy drops, instead of three as normal after our morning brush!

I was a bit put out and said it wasn't fair 'cos I didn't get any choccy drops when my tick was removed!

'The reason for that' says Holly, 'Your tick cost sixty quid to get removed and that's a ton of Choccy Drops!'

I still felt cheated!

This morning OTL took the awning down, which is always a sad time 'cos that means the holiday is coming to an end, but we still had this afternoon to have some fun.

So, Holly and I started to work on OTL, you know, woofing and snivelling and pawing at the door. So, he packs us into the car and off we go, only to end up at the Lynford Stag again! This is not where we wanted to go!

On top of that, the stag we saw looked dangerous, especially as someone had painted his Doo-Dahs!

Lynford Stag with Doo-Dahs'!

 OTL managed to get a half decent picture of a Comma Butterfly.

As I said, it's only Half Decent!
Back at the caravan we still kept up our woofing and snivelling until in the end he got the message, 


So, off we went to Cromer Beach, not as big as Tichwell but just as much fun but with no rabbits or ticks!

We had a super time on the beach chasing each other and splashing in the waves!

We just Love a Splash!
Best of all were the sand cliffs, we went tearing up them and then fell down and ran up them again and then we went into 'Climbing Mode' just like OTL used to do but without the ropes and hard hat!

Ice Pick and Crampons Next!
Holly had a great time as well learning how to climb and with the prospect of a rabbit or two she really did well.

Holly about to have a go!
Only problem, no rabbits!

I searched as hard as I could but there was not a sniff of a rabbit anywhere. A few rats but we tend to leave them alone as they don't run as fast as rabbits and are not so much fun to chase! 

Back down on the beach we chased The Missus all over the place and OTL was getting all artistic again!

 Then we spotted him, all alone, sitting in the middle of the beach, 'Oh! No!' says Holly, 'They've got Them up Here As Well!

More Swimming Worms!
 Well, that's it for now, back home tomorrow but we have been promised chicken tonight, as a treat!

We will still try mugging OTL for the shortbread though, well, it's tradition!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly