Thursday, 1 May 2014

Rain, Rain and Rain and an hour or so of No Rain!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles here!

Didn't it rain last night! I mean, it even woke me up and I normally ignore rain on the windows but last night, well, it was a real 'Pond Filler'!

Needless to say, after Old Two Legs got the ferrets all harnessed up and in their travel cage, he took a look out of the window and decided it was too wet for them to go out.

They were not 'Happy Ferrets'! They do enjoy their morning run and being put back in the cage again was not their idea of fun!

They both showed off and Mr Brambles even threw his poo pot across the cage floor in his temper!

We went out and I will admit, it was a 'Quick Walk', you know, 'Do Your Business and leg it around the rest of the circuit!

Back home we were described as 'Soggy Doggy's' and we got a second rub down with a nice warm Doggy Towel!

Off for some Ox Heart and then up stairs for a snooze.

We were slightly disturbed by OTL and the ferrets playing 'Dook & Chase' around the landing, bedroom and bathroom!

OTL has discovered how to 'Dance' in front of Snowflake whilst on his knees, to invite her for a game and of course, she just loves that! First she bounds up to OTL and jumps up in the air in front of him then runs down the hallway to jump onto Mr Brambles back and give him a nip on the butt! Then it's back to OTL, but she doesn't bite him 'cos he is too quick to get his hands out of the way as she charges towards him!

He has however, worked out how to scoop her up while she is charging along and rolls her over onto her back and tickles her tummy while she is still 'Dooking' !

After about an hour both ferrets are ready for a snooze and this morning OTL even gave Mr Brambles ears a clean out, not that there was much wax there at all but he had been scratching his ears so OTL thought it would be a good idea to give them a clean and see if there were any mites there as well.

We're glad to report, no wax, no mites and nothing unusual at all! Normally Mr Brambles is fast asleep and then he suddenly wakes up, tears around the cage, goes flying down to the ground floor and scratches his ear and kicks the poo pots about.

OTL thinks it may just be a bad dream!

Miss Snowflake is due to have her ears wiped out as OTL can see a shadow of wax in the lobe, so she is next, maybe today or more than likely, the weekend!

Lunchtime, the rain stopped for about an hour, so OTL woke the ferrets up, got them dressed up in their harness and popped them into the travelling cage. Down in the car park OTL had to put his hand inside the cage and get them out, they had fallen asleep on the journey!

We had super game on the beach, I dug a couple of really big holes and Miss Snowflake decided she wanted them both!

and you can keep those ferrets away from our hole!
Mind you, we knew that we would loose the holes before long and we could see Mr Bramble creeping up!

What you got there my Holly Dog?
In the end we left the ferrets to the holes, we know when we're beaten!

Mine, All Mine!
We let them carry on and while I was having a sniff, Holly was pretending to 'Catch a Few Rays' even if she couldn't see the sun!

There is still the UV about!
Mr brambles was snuffling along the hedgerow and pretending he could sniff rabbit, just to wind up Holly!

Hey! Holly Dog! I can sniff loads of Rabbit here!
Back home and before long all of us were snoozing, except OTL who was playing on the computer doing something he calls 'Invoicing'!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.