Friday, 23 November 2012

We Oh So Nearly Got It This Time!

Hi Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you again.

Today we have been very good, Old Two Legs has been doing some printing today and that always gets him wound up. First the colours aren't quite right, then the printer runs out of ink, then it takes too long to pump the ink around the system, so he ends up with pictures where everyone looks like the colour of plums!

Oh, you should hear him getting 'The Grumbles' when it doesn't go right!

We almost got it right today.

On our morning run Holly found a good sniff, in fact it was so good that reckoned that the rabbit was still there in the grass!

I Know Your there, Show Yourself!
 I said that there was no way a rabbit was going to stay still and let a dog get so close and suggested she has been sniffing OTL's printer ink again!

Then, just as I said that, out flew the rabbit!

Well, Holly went right, I went left and we closed in on it and the speed of light!

The only problem was, this rabbit was going at Warp Factor 29.75~!

OK, we've got it trapped now!
 Some how and I really don't understand how, that rabbit got to the hole before us and with a bob of its tail, disappeared down the hole!

We stood there and Grumbled and Woofed and even blew Raspberries, but it wouldn't come out again!

Come out you coward!
 We had to go back home and tell The Missus haw we missed out on a Rabbit Stew for breakfast.

So to celebrate, she gave us Doggy Scoff!

Our walk down The Sea Wall after lunch was fun. Holly spotted some Gulls sitting on the breakwater waiting for the tide to go out.

Look! she said, if you swim out and catch them, there is enough for Breakfast, Lunch, Tea, Dinner and Supper!

A Days Supply of Food!
 I did suggest that she might like to swim out, or in her case, she could pretend to be a big ice berg floating down the Medway!

That didn't go down too well!

OTL spotted the Egret flying along the shore line and said that it looked like two birds birds.

It took us a moment or two to work out what he was on about!

One or Two Birds?
 Holly found this super sniff on the sea wall and pronounced it was Worm.

So we reckon that either the Wormy Men had left their bucket on the wall and the worms got out and ran away, or, the fishermen had put their worms there  while they were fishing and forgot about them!

Mmm, Wormy Sniffs!
 Back home OTL spent all afternoon clearing the pond of leaves and trimming the tree in the garden, he was getting too upset with the printer and took it out on the tree. Poor thing is almost as bald as OTL!

Saturday tomorrow, TM is off to do her Master Class in card making. We think it is either Pan Pastels or maybe Blending or something like that!

See you tomorrow, we're off to mug OTL for some shortbread as he has decided to get the whisky out to help him forget about the printer!


Daisy & Holly