Sunday, 19 August 2012

OTL gets to a Distillery or Two!

Hi Woofers!

McDaisy & Mac Holly here!

You can tell it's Scotland, we were once told that if you don't like the weather where you are, just hang about for an hour or so and it'll change!

You know, it's right!

Here comes the Sun!

We got up to a cloudy start, went out for our morning wee and came back to wake Old Two Legs up!

After breakfast OTL gets his coat on and outs us on the lead and opens the caravan door, it was a gale blowing with the obligatory horizontal rain!

Well, we got as far as the car and decided we could hold on a bit longer!

Off we went, Holly, OTL, The Missus and me, driving along the road, heading off for an adventure up the north of the island.

OTL had a surprise for us, we stopped at the big beach where we had been chasing rabbits, well, we had a super run along the beach, in bright sun shine!
Us and TM in the sun shine!

Even TM got out of the car for a run on the beach, it was that good!

Next it was off to Port Askiag and down to Caol Ila, the first distillery of the day.

Well OTL likes Caol Ila and when he saw the distillery he said he now knows why it's such a smooth malt whisky!

Caol Ila
It was beautiful, so to mark the occasion, he purchased two bottles of whisky!

Next we went off to the Bunnahabhain Distillery which was down a long single track road and when we got there, it was closed! Now that upset OTL, he was almost crying, until TM said he could come back another day, then he cheered up!

We'll Be Back!
Now, leading from this distillery, there was a road, a road that had no tarmac, just tracks for tyres and it went around in a big circle to join up with a road again. So, OTL being OTL, decided it would be an adventure to drive along the track.

Off we went, bumping along the track, we were thrown from side to side and up and down and things were going 'Thud' underneath the floor! 

Us and The Paps of Jura
OTL was grinning from ear to ear, The Missus was not, you could tell she was not enjoying it in the slightest and she let OTL know!

So after a mile or so we turned the car around and headed back, splashing through the mud and ruts of the track and again OTL was grinning all over his face!

The Beginning!
When we got back onto tarmac roads again we headed off to Bowmore to do some shopping which only took five minutes and then back to our beach again!

This time the tide was almost in and I had a super time chasing the ball into the sea after OTL had thrown it in.

Because it was so shallow, I could run for ages before the water got above my tummy and it took ages for it to get too deep for paddling!

Me, Miles Out to Sea!
Even Holly got her paws wet running after the ball, but not too wet, you know what Holly thinks of water!

Back to the caravan for chicken dinner followed by a snooze before bed.

By the way, OTL & The Missus had a super meal at the hotel restaurant, TM got a Lobster and OTL said he got a bit of cow! 

Tomorrow we are off otter hunting again!

Bye bye for now!


McDaisy & Mac Holly


McDaisy & Mac Holly