Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Monsters in The Forrest!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles back with you again!

It has been a muggy sort of day today, the sort of day that is just right for snoozing under the tree in the garden, after a big bowl of chicken!

Well, that's what we did after we got back from our morning walk!

Brambles got out of the cage before Miss Snowflake was even awake! That means he gets first slurp of the Ferretone!

The Early Morning Slurp!
 When we got to the Car Park I saw a rabbit having some breakfast grass, that was it, straight out the back and we raced across the grass to find the Sneaky Bunny had legged it!

I Hate it when they do that!
 Around the corner we met up with a couple of woofers and because they were on leads, Holly played The Tart and danced about, just out of reach!

Holly, playing The Tart!
 We had some fun on the beach and then headed back to the car. Holly and I had to wait at the top of the grass path while the ferrets were messing about diving in and out of the grass!

What's it going to be like when there is four of them?
 Holly and I found a sniff and Mr Bro Brambles just couldn't keep his nose out of it! Holly said it was an old sniff but Brambles till wanted to have a share of it!

I don't care if it's old Sis!
 Then he did a quick flip and rolled onto his back and wriggled around all over the sniff!

I mean, it's just not fair, Old Two Legs would have stopped Holly or me if we did that!

This is how you do it!
 Back home there was chicken waiting for us and with OTL busy working we had a good snooze until lunch time when we headed off to the carriers.

Before we left OTL spotted a Red Admiral Butterfly on the Buddleia, so, out he gets and takes a couple of shots.

Red Admiral on the Buddleia! 
 After the carriers, OTL asked where we fancied going, 'The Forrest'! we woofed and off we went!

When we got there we spotted a notice that had been nailed to a fence post.

Shorthorn Coo?
 Now, we had never seen a Shorthorn before, Longhorn and Highland but not Shorthorn!

So, being 'Careful Woofers', we kept a watch out for these new Coo's!

Wassat a Coo?
At first, every noise we heard we thought might be a Shorthorn Coo and of course we would stop very still and listen and look, very hard!

No Coo Sniffs here!
 In the end we didn't see a Coo or even come across Coo Poo!

Holly reckons that they must have been down the other end of the forest and was munching on fresh grass!

I said that was OK by me, I don't do Coos!

Back home for another snooze before getting ready to mug OTL again!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.