Saturday, 26 October 2019

A Different Look!

Hello Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret.

Well, just for a change, The Missus was in today, no Glue Slapping up the village hall!

She has however, been Glue Slapping in her 'Studio' and the clouds of glitter have blocked up the heating vents!

Once Old Two Legs has cleaned the ferret cage and put them back to bed we crept into the office and enjoyed a super snooze!

Warm, comfortable and draught free!
Now I know that the photo looks 'different' and that's cos OTL has just received his copy of a specialist magazine on landscape photography and there, on page eleven is an article on Infrared Photography!

So, out comes OTL's IR camera and he has decided to spend the weekend playing with it!

He has taken some 'interesting' shots in the past but that was in the summer when the chlorophyll in the leaves reflect the IR and you can get some crazy colour hues!

Holly in IR!
 This one is our local church which is around nine hundred years old!

No, that's not snow, it's grass!
OTL reckons if you use RAW there is some strange effects to be had!

Yeah, OK, what ever!

This morning it was just too dark to use the camera so we had to wait until lunchtime before he could bring it out with us.

Lunchtime the ferrets were still asleep so we had OTL to ourselves, well him and the camera!

The path leads to the Sea Wall..
 OTL was playing with the controls on the camera cos he hasn't played with IR for some time and his memory isn't what it used to be!

 The first photo and the forth, fifth and sixth have come straight out of the camera and no Fiddly Diddly on the computer!

It would be interesting to see what some Fiddly Diddly would do to it.

Holly suggested 'Screwed Up' would be a good description!

The Long Path Home!
OTL says he may try some more IR but with a big wide lens on the front but then he remembered it was re-engineered to work on the 35mm that was on the camera. So, it's going to be a case of OTL walking closer if he wants to zoom in and get creative at 35mm!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May and Eric de Ferret.