Saturday, 9 March 2013

Saturday in the Mist and Gas!

Hello Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy, Holly and Snowflake!

Well, this morning was misty, as normal, but it wasn't raining, so that was a good thing!

Overnight it had rained and rained and rained and the ground was seriously soggy!

Mind you, it didn't stop the Fishermen who were down on The Sea Wall throwing the worms into the water.

No Fish? What about a sandwich?
 While Holly was trying to intimidate the Fishermen I was giving Old Two Legs some stick!

I want the Baaaaaaaall!
 We also found some new sniffs and Holly was very interested in one I found!

Let me share it!
On our way back to the car Holly met up with a couple of Jack Russell's who were kept on their lead 'cos their owner didn't trust them to come back when he called them.

Well, that was OK by Holly 'cos she stayed out of reach and pulled faces and blew raspberries and called them silly names.

They went potty!

 They woofed and growled and tried to get to Holly but she stayed out of reach and laughed at them!

She can be a right tease sometimes!

Yeah, you and whose army, you Dopey Bozo's
Back home for some Doggy Scoff and say 'Hello' to Auntie Karen who had come to play card making with The Missus. We reckon they were gassing more than card making!

At lunch time we were off down to the beach again and this time Holly joined in the Ball Chasing, well, she grabbed the ball and threw it down the hole and the pair of us were digging it out again together!

Twin Puppy Powered Digging Machine
 A bit further on we met up with Oscar and Max and as usual Oscar was all over OTL, playing up to  him and wiggling his tail!

As Holly says, 'Tart!'

OTL's my Favourite!

It was still sort of dull and misty but we have been told that there may be some snow, so with a bit of luck we will see the Snow Fairy again!

If it is deep snow we will ask OTL to build us a big sledge with bells on and racing stripes down the side!

Auntie Karen (The Cat Woman) has just left and you know what? She made just one simple card, it was all white with a stamp and a couple of peel offs.

We could have made that in five minutes with one paw behind our tail!

Gassing, that's what they have been doing all day, GASSING!

Mind you, we did enjoy the chews Auntie Karen brought as a present for us, so, we won't say anything about her production rate on cards!


See you tomorrow, Ice Axe and Crampons, as OTL would say!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake!