Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Trev's gotta Sister!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret here again!

You know it is getting very noticeable that the days are getting shorter. It is dark when we get up and the sunrise is still visible when we get down to the beach!

Sunrise is getting more colourful now!
Did you know the tomorrow is the September equinox here in North Kent? That means the day light and the night time are exactly the same! After that it is all down hill until the Spring!

Miss May enjoyed her run on the beach chasing the rubber ball!

I let her get the ball a couple of times but in the end my long legs proved to be faster than her short ones!

Back home we were having a look around the garden, checking up on the sniffs and looking for anything new.

Holly noticed it first, a small nose and a couple of small eyes poking out from under a Lilly Pad.

Another Frog!

It certainly wasn't Trevor 'cos he is a bit bigger and darker skin colour.

So now we have two frogs, OTL says that if they were from the frog spawn then they would be brother and sister but if one was from the live for we introduce then we could be looking at some baby frogs next year!

Claws crossed!

Down on the beach at lunchtime, Old Two Legs had brought my solid rubber ball so Holly and I had great fun charging up and down the beach with the ball.

I started to dig a hole in which to put the ball and the further I got down into the sand the more the sides would fall into the hole covering the ball!

OK, where is is now?
After a while Holly and I needed a breather and that gave Fred and Wendy a chance to dive in and start throwing sand about.

Will you get off my shoulders!
They had a good rummage around and although there was traces of Ball Sniff, there was no sign of it!

We can sniff it but can't find it!
After ferreting around looking for the ball the ferrets gave up and allowed Holly and me back into the hole!

Well you put it in here!
 In the end we had to give up and admit the ball was gone!

Back in the car the ferrets were straight into the water bowl! They made such a noise slurping the water down!

Do you think we could have a swim in here?
Back home the ferrets were absolutely whacked! They went back into the cage, had a nibble and slurp and headed for their beds!

I don't expect that we will hear from them until tomorrow morning!

We are now off to see what OTL has lined up for dinner and more important, can we have a bit!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy and Freddy de Ferret.