Saturday, 19 March 2011

Rainy Day Puppies

Hello to you all!

Daisy & Holly back again.

Friday started off very well, we had a good walk with Old Two Legs over the fields where we woofed at some skylarks and chased each other up and down the path.

We got back and after a good brush we were served some Pigs Liver and biscuits for breakfast. The Missus is learning you know!

Around nine there was a ring on the door bell and there stood the food man! He is always welcome at our door, especially if he is bringing our food!

Once all the food was put away TM gave us our Rawhide Chew, a sort of 'Friday Treat' for us.

As we only got one, that means there is some 'Grumbly Time' as Holly and I sort out who gets first chew. Today Holly got the chew first. I jumped in later and took it off her, so that meant more 'Grumbly Times' but we got over that in our normal way.

Around lunch time we were looking forward to a long walk with OTL but as soon as we stuck our noses outside the door we knew it was going to be a walk around the football field.

It was Raining, that slow steady drippy rain that soon makes you too wet to have fun.

A quick wee and a poo and we were running for home, leaving OTL a long way behind!

The rest of the day was spent having a snooze in our day bed and chewing on a carrot that Holly mugged from TM.

There was loads of carrot bits all over the house where Holly and I decided to stop for a chew!

We also had a game of 'Hide the Carrot' in our bed and we had to find it, while the other was still in bed!

Carrot Hunting!
That means loads of growling and snuffling and grumbles and some times we bite each others tail, pretending it's the carrot!

Needless to say we always end up having a cuddle and a snoozett, just before going down stairs to see what TM is doing for dinner!

Afternoon Cuddle, before dinner!
It was Chicken! She is certainly learning her lesson!

Sunshine tomorrow, so we are looking for some fun!

See you tomorrow,