Tuesday, 23 June 2015

OTL and The Tooth Fairy!

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles back with you.

Well, today started of a bit windy and chilly but by lunchtime it was all sunshine and warm breezes!

That was until we got to the beach and the clouds reappeared!

This morning it was Mr Brambles was in charge and as soon as Old Two Legs put him in the ferret bag he woke up and asked the question...............

Are we......................................?
 Of course, we all called back.........'Yes We Are!'

OK, says Brambles, Just Checking!

Jus' Checking!
 As we were walking along the path he kept on calling us to 'Shift Yer Tails!'

Seems like Snowflake wanted a wee and you know what's it like when the Missus wants a wee!

Come on Girls, Shift Yer Tails!
Down on the beach we let them get on with it while we had a rest. It's fun to have a 'Relax' while those two go on a rampage!

They are just like a couple of kids!
 Now, every so often, OTL gets a letter from his dentist telling him to turn up, cheque book in hand, and submit to an inspection before handing over the cheque, then he runs away!

This time however, the dentist man says OTL has a small hole that needs filling!

Now, you know what that means?

First, OTL will get an injection, in the front of his gum, (Ouch) then he has to sit there while it makes his gum numb. Trouble is, it never seems to work until he is outside the dentists place and heading for home!

Now he has to have the tooth drilled and filled while it is still hurting and after that he has to pay more money for being hurt again!

Not a Happy Puppy!

That is what he has to look forward to next week!

Back home we were getting a bit twitchy regarding our midday walk and as soon as he got in we pestered him to get out again!

Down on The Sea Wall we were pestered by a Black Headed Gull who was showing off about his plumage!

Like the Threads?
 We said that he looked smart, that was our mistake, he followed us all up and down the path, zooming past and calling out things like 'Looking Good' and 'Look at the Tail!'

Look at My Feathers!
 In the end we stuck our nose into the grass and went off sniffing!

Back home there was a big bowl of Lambs Heart waiting for us and afterwards we both got a Teeth Cleaning Chew.

We headed for OTL's office and while Holly was chewing away Snowflake came up to see what all the noise was about.

She stuck her nose right up against the cage while Holly, who was on the other side, started doing her 'Woofing Grumble'!

Of course Snowflake knew she was in no danger, so she got closer and did some sniffing, which wound our Holly Dog up big time!

In the end OTL had to tell Holly to not be such a big woofer!

So, back to sleep while OTL goes back to work! Well, it's better than doing the gardening!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.