Thursday, 3 February 2011

Wednesday Wonderland

Hello Fans!

Daisy & Holly here again with more tales or should that be tails?

We had a busy day yesterday, after our morning walk across the fields with Old Two Legs, we got back to a fine breakfast of Puppy Food.     YUK!

No, don't get me wrong, puppy food is OK when your stomach walls are knocking together and even OTL's old boots look appetising, but we have grown accustom to a more refined diet. Chicken, Liver, Beef, Lamb is what we really love and chicken heads the list!

I think The Missus is trying to skip cooking for us 'cos opening a tin can is easier and it gives her more time to play at card making!

Soon we may have to hold a protest meeting and even discuss strike tactics!

No more cuddles, no more lick on the nose to wake them up, that will make them think again!

OTL had to go out in the afternoon to do some work, he dropped us and TM off at the Boys house so we could go and meet them from school. We do enjoy meeting all the other dogs outside the gates and when the Boys come out they make such a fuss of us!

OTL came back to pick us up and he drove the car back home. It was good fun trying to teach TM the songs, she could not remember them and kept on singing the same bit again and again! OTL did not help, he was singing a different songs all together!

We're off to see what we can find to eat, maybe OLT has got a bit of Duck Fillet left?

See you soon,