Saturday, 29 December 2012

Ferret News!

Hi Ho Woofers!

It's Daisy & Holly here again!

Another fun packed day! We were up good and early, just to have a woof around the house before jumping up onto Old Two Legs bed and cuddling up for an 'After Wake Up Snooze' while he got out of bed to sort Snowflake out!

You see, keeping a ferret in the shower can be a bit of a messy business, if you get my drift!

Before OTL can have a shower and take us out, he has to get Snowflake into the carrying box and lock the door. This morning was fun for him 'cos Snowflake had decided that the corner she normally uses for a loo was too full and as OTL hadn't cleaned it up, she found another corner to start a fresh pile!

Also, because she is on this super Ferret Nuggets, it is possible that her tummy is a little 'delicate' at the moment and last night she didn't make it out of the box in time, OTL had to get the box all cleaned before she could be taken out of the shower!

So, OTL decided that it would be a good idea to try letting Snowflake loose in the bathroom while he cleaned everything up.

That was OK, she had a 'Ferret Around' exploring the bathroom and sniffin every where! She was even running over OTL toes, without biting him!

Well, in the end he got it all sorted and out we went for our morning walk. You know, just for a change, it wasn't raining!

Look! No Rain!
We got back and after our breakfast we settled down to watching Snowflake in the shower getting bored. So I suggested she have one of my new balls to play with and she rolled it around for a bit but got bored again and went back to bed!

Lunchtime down on The Sea Wall we met up with a big old Rottweiler who was fat, like I mean, overweight 'cos he was just too greedy! I told Holly that she would look like that if she kept on pinching my food!

He was a bit of a lump but joined in the joke and said that if we gave him any more cheek, he'd sit on us and squash us flat!

Call me Porky would you!

Up the top of the hill we met up with another bunch and Holly kept on calling out to them to play chase but as they were going one way and OTL was going the other, one of the Two Legs told Holly which way she should go!

Holly! Back to Other Way!
 We didn't go straight home, instead we went to the Doggy Shop but it was only to get some bits for Snowflake, so we stayed in the car and let OTL loose!

He came back with a Cat Litter Tray and a bag of wood pellets and a couple of toys for Snowflake.

Snowflake immediately jumped into the Litter Tray which contained the wiping of her last poo and did another one! She is a fast learner and OTL was tickled pink over that!


Then she had a play with the toys and the ball before going back to her food bowl!

Maybe I'll have a play later, after I've had something to eat!
Holly was keeping a close watch on Snowflake, making sure she ate all her diner and I asked OTL if I could have my ball back seeing as Snowflake has got toys of her own!

Holly keeping watch.
 OTL was looking for a picture of Snowflake playing with the toys but she got all embarrassed about posing in front of the camera and instead went back to drinking her water!

Not bad this water!
 OTL said Snowflake should keep my ball as I had a load more in the cupboard that I could play with any time and if I took it back Snowflake wouldn't have a ball to play with.

I sort of saw the logic, but it's still my ball, but only on loan!

 We are off now to do some mugging 'cos OTL has been called for dinner, so, bye bye for now!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly (Not forgetting Snowflake as well)

The Tick Count is now Fifty Three that OTL has removed, but they are beginning to drop off now, so that stuff the vet put on seems to be working!