Saturday, 16 February 2013

We Investigate Snowflakes Holiday Home!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake here.

The Missus was off good and early this morning, getting all set up for her Master Class at the village hall. We had to take her up there in the big car 'cos there was loads of stuff she needed.

Holly reckons that a pot of glue and some glitter is all they really need, the rest is for show!

As we did the early run for TM, that meant Old Two Legs was early taking us for our morning stroll and Snowflake had to wait until we got back before her house cleaning was done!

Down on The Sea Wall we were having our normal 'Ball Chasing Game' and Holly came up with a super idea. Normally OTL throws the ball and we chase but this time when OTL threw the ball we picked it up and threw it down onto the beach! Down would go OTL and pick up the ball and throw it for us, one of us would run up, collect the ball and roll it off the wall onto the beach, OTL would have to go and fetch it!

We carried on until OTL gave up and stood there looking at us and realising that we have been having him on! We both laughed so much and we both called him a 'Bozo' for chasing and fetching the ball!
OTL's A Bozo!
 It was about then that Oscar and Max came trotting around the corner and we told them about the joke we had played on OTL!

Did he really fall for that?
Oscar couldn't believe that OTL would get caught like that 'cos he thinks OTL is wonderful, but only 'cos OTL tickles his tail and makes him laugh!

Max thought that we were making it all up but thought it was a good wheeze and he may try it on his owner when they get their second walk of the day!

Was he really that daft to fall for it?
We had a mooch around and showed Max and Oscar a sniff we had found yesterday, Max said that it sniffed like an old boot, interesting but not really anything to go wild about!

We found this one yesterday!
Off we went and went back home for some beef breakfast! After we finished breakfast, OTL had been up with Snowflake cleaning her house and having a game with her. It's the game that involves OTL pinching her squeaky toys and Snowflake finding them, then stashing them in her carry cage!

When all that was done, OTL says 'Brrrm, Brrrm and holds up his car keys. Now this means we are invited out for a drive  in the car, which is something we are always up for!

It was then that I remembered we were off to see Snowflakes hotel where she will stay when we go on holiday.

We got there and Holly noticed that it was called Purple Paws Hotel! OTL went with the lady to see what it was like and came back, pleased with what he saw. He said it had a place where he Snowy Heights could go and there was a Hot Tub and Jacuzzi there for Snowflake to use! Also there was a Solarium and a room with some Gym equipment for her to use if she fancies a work out!

Holly says that if they took dogs she might consider staying there herself!

Back home we told Snowflake all about it and she said that she thinks she may be comfortable staying there for a while but we got to promise to send her a postcard saying how we were doing!

Lunchtime we dropped into see TM in the village hall and got a fuss made of us by the lady's who were there. We didn't get any nibbles at all, just inky hands stroking our backs!

Back to The Sea Wall and we met Eric and Lady and her sister.

Hello young ladies!
Eric was saying how when he was younger he was kept outside in the garden for the first three years of his life and now he won't go in the garden after it gets dark 'cos he thinks he will get left out there!
When I was Pup...........
He had a cuddle with OTL and said that he would look out for him when he visits again!

As we headed off we saw Bryn sniffin around, so we stopped and said hello. He showed us a trick he had worked out, if he sat up on his tail he would get a nibble. Holly said that we try that but as we are all on a diet we never got any!

Look, Gissa Nibble Missus!
 There were fishermen sitting on the Sea Wall waiting for the tide to come in. It looked funny seeing them all ready and no water to fish in!

Waiting for the water!
While the water was coming in we saw a couple of Hover Craft that went whooshing around the mud and over the water. It made a load of noise and went back and forth along the beach, Holly said that the driver was just showing off!

Hover Craft or Hover Fly?
TM got back late afternoon and said that she was worn out and that she was going to have an early night. That means she will be up early tomorrow, thumping around the place waking everyone up!

Not sure what is planned for tomorrow, maybe another walk for Snowflake in the garden or even in the park, it just depends on the weather!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake