Monday, 20 June 2011

Daisy and the Ball

Hi Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back with you again.

This morning it was a little damp when we had our walk and we ended up with grubby paws.

Old Two Legs normally gives us a brush when we get back but today he was busy in the office, so we went straight thorough to breakfast, chicken and biscuits and a bowl of water.

After OTL had done all his manufacturing we got our brush and a 'Treat Nibble' of Doggy Chocs!

We played with OTL having a 'First to Blink' game. This is where we all go into play mode, chin on ground, paws by the side of chin and bottom up in the air.

Then we look at each other, tail wagging is allowed but no other movement.

Holly and me have fun like this all the time but OTL likes to think he can play it as well as us.

No Way!

Just to make sure, we let him get into play mode, then look at him, deep into his eyes. Our tails are wagging but he doesn't have a tail so he can't get rid of any 'twitches' that come from looking into some ones eyes.

So, when we think he is about to bust we either, jump forward and give him a lick on the nose or we roll over on one side and say 'Gottcha'

Poor OTL, he doesn't know what he did to loose the game........and we won't tell him!

Another run around The New Park and we had a splash in the Swimming Hole,  it was OK but we still didn't go further than our tummies!
Well, you go further then!
There was a Spaniel sort of dog called Bella who was rushing into the water to fetch her ball. She would come out of the water, drop the ball, woof at her owner to throw the ball again. I thought that was silly, so I rushed in, grabbed the ball and ran off a few yards and dropped the ball.

Gottcha Ball!
 Bella rushed around, sniffing until she found the ball again, took it back to be thrown into the water again.

A good game but it got boring after a while!

We headed back to the car and Holly decided to play 'Boo' with OTL, she would hide, like I do, and then jump out at him and woof 'Boo', in doggy, of course!
Holly met up with a big wolf looking dog that she liked the smell of and followed him back down the path. She said he had a nice sniff to him, I said it was where he fell asleep in his food bowl!

Meaty Chunk and biscuits!
We had chicken again this evening for dinner, plus what we could mug from OTL and The Missus.

With a bit of luck, there may be some chicken left for breakfast tomorrow!

See you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly