Friday, 28 June 2013

Ferret Racing?

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake here again.

It has been a bit of a damp day down in North Kent, not pouring with rain, just the sort of rain that makes you damp but not soaking wet, unless you go bouncing around in the grass, like wot we do!

Snowflake came out with us this morning and enjoyed her run around the Sea Wall. She was bouncing along at a steady pace, but every so often she stopped to have a rub of the grass. She said that she found that if she rolled on a place where there were ants, they sort of cleaned her fur as she rolled on them. I'm not sure if that was because they are squirting acid at her or she was crushing them and getting not only acid but dead ant sniff as well!

We didn't meet up with anyone on the path, so it was a little boring, but we did get to do our business in peace!

Back home, we were up in Old Two Legs office, having a chat about this and that, Snowflake was saying how fast a ferret can run down a hole and chase the rabbits or rats out.

We were chatting when the postman called and put some envelopes through the letterbox. One of these was OTL's tickets for the Kent County Show, we always got to the show each year and the sniffs are terrific!

Especially in the sheep and cattle halls!

Well, this year OTL spotted that they had a stand that offered 'Ferret Racing'!

It looks like you stick your ferret in one end of a pipe and it runs all the way down to the end of the pipe and the first one out the other end is the winner.

'Hey', says Holly to Snowflake, 'How do you fancy your chances?'

'If OTL can get me in, I'll have a go!' says Snowflake!

So, OTL will be going on his own on the first day and taking us on the second day but if OTL can get Snowflake in, she will be racing on the third day, that is the Sunday and even The Missus said she will come along as well to cheer Snowflake on!

We will let you know how we get on.

Our lunch time walk was fun, we met up with Arthur who had put on a couple of kilo's since we last saw him and Holly called him a 'Lump'!

He didn't like that and chased her down the hill!

Naughty Holly!
 Mind you, it didn't last long 'cos he couldn't run very far and he got all out of breath as well!

I need a Breather!
 Holly and I went down on the beach for a run around and I got the idea that a paddle in the squidgy mud would be just the thing to do on a damp day like today. Well, that was until OTL called out that the first puppy who put her paws in the mud gets a full wash down in cold water and rubbed down with a scrubbing brush!

Wot! Us?
Holly found a sniff that she said was new to her and she had to concentrate hard to remember it for next time!

Mmmmm! This is new!
 We had to wait for OTL 'cos he has found that Corncockles were growing on the Sea Wall. Now these are supposed to be a bit rare, so we are doing well with the flowers!

OTL says that he has some Corncockle seeds in the 'Wild Seed Pack' he got last year at the Kent County Show, that means we will have some of these growing in the garden next year!

Agrostemma githago   Corncockle
 I just hope that we get 'Wild Flowers' and not 'Weeds'!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake (The Fastest Ferret in the World)