Friday, 8 January 2016

Wilma gets a Visit to the Vets and we get Short Back and Sides, again!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma back again!

Well, this morning it was a bit chilly when we went out for our walk. The ferrets stayed inside the bag until they got down to the beach. May was off digging holes while April spent time trying to get back into the bag again!

Old Two Legs spent some time photographing the sun rise behind Sheerness and he picked the best to upload onto the BBC Weather Watchers thingy!

Sun Up.
Holly and I were off sniffing the sniffs and looking for anything new!

We met up with Barney II who was back on his lead again 'cos he had been a naughty woofer and had run off after a sniff!

Hey Girls! I'm in trouble, again, good innit?
Mind you, Barney II thinks it great fun getting into trouble 'cos he is such a fun loving woofer!

After our walk we didn't got straight home, instead it was off to The Parlour for a wash and a haircut.

I really don't know why we have to have all our fur cut off when it is still cold! I mean, we are quite happy with it's length and sniff as it is!

This time you are going in first!
It was a terrible experience, as normal, but we came out at two thirty sniffing like a Tarts Handbag!

Mind you, it's not as scary as Wilma got when she was out with OTL and Freddy for a walk. As they were finishing the walk, from out of nowhere came one of those Weimaraner woofers who grabbed Wilma across her back. She screamed and OTL lunged at the dog who then dropped Wilma but then went in for another grab.

It was lucky that Wilma was on her lead 'cos the dog backed away from OTL but when it felt the lead pull, it dropped Wilma who was then scooped up by OTL. Unfortunately Wilma didn't know who it was that scooped her up and sank her teeth into OTL's hand, twice.

Loads of blood!

OTL's blood, not Wilma's!

Back at the car OTL examined Wilma and confirmed that there were no puncture marks  and the only blood was OTL's!

Wilma was very quiet and just lay in OTL's arm. She didn't jump when OTL tried prodding and poking to see if there was any sore bits and she moved around a little on all four paws, so no immediate signs of damaged legs.

A phone call got us an appointment with the vet as soon as OTL could get there and off they all went.

The vet inspected Wilma and agreed that there were no holes in Wilma that shouldn't be there but did suggest we start off with some pain killers and an x-ray to determine if there was any damage inside, like ruptured diaphragm or internal puncture of any of the organs.

So OTL left her with the vet and after an hour or so picked us up and returned to the vet for Wilma's results.

OTL had a look at the x-ray and the vet explained what OTL was looking at! There were a couple of bruises from the dogs teeth but no visible internal injuries, all the organs were in the correct place, her tummy was full of food!

There were no bones broken and all in all she looked in good condition. The vet suggested that OTL leave Wilma with them so they can monitor her progress and OTL is to pick her up at seven tonight.

So, after all that, Wilma is OK, sore, bruised and in shock, but OK. She has got to have her own cage for a couple of days, just to stop Fred from bumping into her and to let her have a quiet sleep!

The only one with any permanent injury is OTL's wallet!

We headed for home and our chicken dinner but the first thing we needed was a drink and the second was a wee!

So, into the garden we went!

We also needed to roll in something smelly but OTL wouldn't allow that!

So ends another exciting day, OTL is preparing the cage and bedding for Wilma, Freddy Boy is sleeping on his own tonight and I've now got a tummy full of chicken and rice!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred and a bruised Wilma.