Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Gloomy Day Outside!

Hello Woofers,

It's us, Daisy & Holly, back again!

Something amazing is happening here, Old Two Legs is clearing up his office/workshop! He says he does it every year around Christmas time, whether it needs it or not! He has been at it all day and so far has done one wall end, the desk and the floor!

It is not that he has thrown much away but he has moved it along the next wall to clear up tomorrow!

Still, as normal we took him away from all that terrible work and let him walk us up and down the Sea Wall!

There was a Shore Lark reported on the Internet as being down on the Sea Wall, near the Power Station and we found it! OTL was too far away to get a good shot of it, so we ran up to the bird to ask it to come closer.

It flew off!

OTL was not a Happy Puppy!

Holly made a new friend, a Spaniel, in fact what happened was Holly was climbing the stairs and the Spaniel was going to jump over the wall and they met, nose to nose.

All together Aah!

Do you come here often?
OTL was still mumbling about the Shore Lark as we got near to the car park. Holly spotted a Little Egret on the beach and told OTL, so, creeping up on it, he put the camera to his eye and.........the bird flew off!

It's That Bird again!
So, again OTL was not a Happy Puppy!

Back home he was bashing around, so we stayed out of the office, The Missus was a better bet, even if she was splashing the old glue pot around!

Poor old OTL, he was making such a noise with the vacuum cleaner and taking so much rubbish out, we almost felt sorry for him!

Later on, on our second walk of the day, the tide was right in. We had never seen it so far in before. OTL was messing about with the camera again and tried some slow shutter speed shots, but he should had brought along his ND filters, (Technical Glass Things) 'cos he couldn't get a slow enough shutter speed to get a milky look to the water.

Again, OTL was not a Happy Puppy!

In need of an ND Filter!
It was not OTL's day today, the weather was gloomy and so was he, but, the best was yet to come!

Before we eat our evening meal, we like to play a game called 'Mugging OTL'.

When OTL and TM sit down to dinner, we do all we possibly can to get a nibble of whatever they are eating. You should see the tricks we try.

Head on one side and stare into their eyes. (That's a good one)

Sit with head on one side and stare into their eyes while at the same time pawing their leg. (Always get a response!)

Well this evening I worked on a new one. I did the old head on the side and even threw in a whimper as well, but best of all, I turned my nose up at a bit of ham, after licking it!

OTL was mortified, what, his little puppy refused a tasty bit of ham?

So, he dipped it into the egg yoke and offered it again, I took it this time.

Now you can guess the rest, everything else just had to be a bit eggy before we would touch it!

Absolutely super or wot!

The best bit was, after giving us bits dipped in egg yoke, there was no egg yoke left for OTL!

OTL, definitely not the Happy Puppy!

We are off now to see what damage we can do to OTL's stock of short bread, after a day of cleaning he must have something to keep him from moaning!

Nite, nite, see you tomorrow.


Daisy & Holly ( The Eggy Girls)