Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Fun Monday

Hi to you all out there!

It's Daisy & Holly here again.

We've been working hard on the computer today but it gets awkward sometimes. Like when I have to use both my claws AND my nose, especially when I need to push the 'Shift' key.

You try it, press shift with your nose and then press the '?' key.

There, I told you so, it's not easy is it?

By the time I get finished I am flaked out!

Working hard on the computer.
It's a good job my bed is handy for a little snooze between paragraphs!

We went back down to the New Park again today, Old Two Legs reckons it's going to be great down there during the 'Soggy Season', you know, January to March when we get a lot of rain.

We got down there after lunch and as normal, it was full of other dogs having a great time. We were woofing and running and sniffing and all sorts.

Holly started of by saying 'hello' to a fine looking Alsatian called William, then we said hello to Freddy, a little Westie who wanted to come with us but he was on a lead, so that scuppered his ideas!

We went further on towards the Orchard Walk, I saw a notice board with a map, so I showed off and told OTL just exactly where we were.

I think I know where we are!
He said I was nearly right, except that Cowes was in the Isle of Wight, not Kent!

On our way back we went across the bridge again and Holly said she saw a shark in the pond, so we both looked hard to see if it was still there. I didn't see anything and Holly thought it may still be at school because it wasn't a big shark so it must be very young.

Looking for sharks
We both had been running very hard today so I was feeling thirsty but every time I went into the water for a drink, Holly would shout out Sharks! 

How big are sharks?
I'll get my own back tonight, I'll shout 'Burglars' just when she is going to sleep, that will sort her out!

Bye bye for now.