Tuesday, 31 December 2013

New Years Eve!

Hi Woofers!

It's us back again, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Well, it looks like Ratty is indeed 'Neophobic', we woke up this morning and the the trap was still wide open. No rat, mouse or even a Holly Dog inside! We are still keeping a close eye on it and as soon as the door is shut then we will be down there!

We left the ferrets snoozing in their bed 'cos it was looking like rain and Old Two Legs says that ferrets don't do rain.

Oh yeah? Well there's two little woofers here that subscribe to that theory as well!

OTL was in such a big rush to get us out that when he picked up the camera with the Infrared Thingy Wotsit so this is wot happened down on the Sea Wall!

First Holly and I checked out the sniffs and I found a sign that the rabbits were out again.

Rabbit Wee!
Rabbit Wee? Spring is coming!
 While Holly and I were 'Sniffin' the Sniffs' OTL started to take some pictures and when he looked at the preview screen he was heard to be grumbling 'cos he suddenly realised it was Infrared!

So, the clouds that looked interesting in colour were transformed!

Infrared Sea Scape!
 He even tried a shot of a Sea Gull wot was standing on the breakwater and later changed it to a Black & White picture!

Got and Sandwiches?
Holly was laughing when the Sea Gull asked her for some sandwiches, silly gull, as if Holly would have any sandwiches in her pocket!

A bit further along the Sea Wall we saw a 'Scruff bag' sort of woofer coming in our direction, so Holly and I ran up to her woofing our 'Hello' woof. She got all worried and ran off to her master who was chatting to OTL about the state of the tide.

Loud Woofers!
She was a little nervous 'cos we were two and she was only one! So we left her to say hello to OTL but even though we walked off she didn't want to get close to OTL, maybe 'cos OTL had our sniff on him!

Off we went again and discovered some more rabbit sniffs up near the Poo Bin but OTL was still playing with the camera.

Come on OTL, home for some breakfast!
 When we got back to the car, our legs and tummy's were all wet and muddy 'cos we had been running in and out of the puddles!

OTL gave us both a rub down with the towel when we got into the car. Just as a woofer went past the car.

So, close your eyes and picture this, OTL holding both of my back legs and trying to dry them while I'm woofin' my head off and straining to get out the side window!

Wot Fun!

 Back home to a chicken breakfast and followed by a snooze under OTL's desk!

The ferrets were awake and stuffing their faces with Ferret Nuggets and of course after that they also went to sleep!

Professional Snoozing!
Those ferrets are real 'Professional Snoozers'!

Lunchtime OTL still hadn't heard from the Tree Man and was thinking of chopping the tree down himself but after looking at it again decided to wait until everyone was back at work and do some more telephoning!

It was still horrid looking out side and OTL grabbed his camera, the right one this time, and off we went for another rampage around the Sea Wall!

Well, that was the idea but when we got out of the car it was dark and wet and HORRID!

We tried our 'Nose Down Tail Up' stance but OTL just clipped our leads on and guided us further along the path!

Then he tried to take a photo and you know what? That little 'Point & Shoot' camera kept on putting the flash head up 'cos it was too dark!

Look! My reflective strip lights up with the flash!
 Mind you, I reckon we could stitch this reflective stuff on our coats, just where our skeleton bones are and we could scare everyone into believing we are scary woofers!

Mine lights up as well!
 We plan to have our dinner at the normal time but this evening we will be staying up with TM and her bottle of champagne and OTL and his whisky to say Happy New Year to each other!

So, in case we don't see you before midnight goes 'Bong' all of us here wish all you Woofers out there a very big

Happy New Year!!!!!!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake, Mr Brambles



Monday, 30 December 2013

An Arboreal Adventure That Didn't Happen and The Rat Man Cometh!

Hi Woofers!

It's us, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

What a day! It started of with Old Two Legs getting up early, well, normal time really but he has been lazy for the last week or two 'cos of his 'Cold'! We took a look outside and could see that the rain was just starting, you see we could see the drops of rain being blown past the street lamp that was still shining 'cos it was still dark outside!

With that knowledge, OTL decided that the ferrets could stay in bed and get their exercise by running around the office!

We just love a late snooze!
So, after donning our rain coats we were off to the Sea Wall. his time we went on our 'Doggy Route' which is a bit longer than the 'Ferret Route' and doesn't include the beach!

It started off with the wind blowing us along the path, from behind, then as we turned the corner it was blowing our whiskers back into our faces!

OTL had brought the big camera with him this morning, so he was playing about trying to photograph the lights on Sheerness Docks!

The Lights of Sheerness Docks!
We didn't hang about too much 'cos the wind was blowing the rain onto us and there's one thing we don't like and that is High Speed Rain!

Back home we helped tidy the ferret house and sorted out our beds. Then there was a ring on the door bell. Well, being 'First Class Guard Dogs' we flew down stairs Woofin' and Howling and Snarling in our best Guard Dog Mode!

It was Richard, the Postman and he had brought a couple of parcels. The first was some card making stuff for The Missus, so she should be happy for the rest of the day!

The other parcel was the Big Cheese Rat Trap! Exciting stuff!

OTL opened the box up and pulled the contraption out. It was all metal and galvanised, so it shouldn't rust out in the rain, and it is 'Non Lethal' which means the rat is trapped alive. We had seen some mouse traps that use a big spring to whack the mouse, which is very quick but not in line with OTL's outlook on life, you know we reckon OTL must have been a Buddhist in a previous existence!

What to bait it with? We had a big discussion about this and in the end decided to experiment with stuff a rat might like. There is cheese and peanut butter and bread and jam and cake and biscuits and cereal and doggy scoff and maybe Ferret Kibble?

Decisions, decisions! In the end we thought we would appeal to the rats sweet tooth and put a bit of Christmas Cake in the trap complete with marzipan and icing. Then OTL placed it at the entrance to the gap between the fence and the shed where we first saw the rat, just so he couldn't miss his Christmas Present!

Ratty's Christmas Present!
Now we sit back and keep an eye on the trap door, if it's up, no rat, but if it's down, well rat, mouse, bird, Holly Dog, Snake or Hedgehog!

Take your pick!

We were expecting the Tree Surgeon to arrive at 09:30hr but that time came and went, OTL said he might have been called out on an emergency, what with all this wind we had today there is bound to be trees falling over! So, OTL left a message on the answering machine saying 'Where the Devil are You?' or summat like that!

Lunch was a little late 'cos Holly and I were finishing off our Rawhide Chews that we got for Christmas. We never get colds because we chew Chews! Maybe that's what Michael needs, Rawhide Chews, that will clear up his sniffles!

Down on the Sea Wall it was still as windy as this morning but the tide was right out. All the water left on the mud was reflecting the clouds in the sky, OTL started playing about with the camera controls, again!

A Long Shot?
 I got a bit bored with him messing about with the camera settings and indulged in a bit of practise Line Dancing, Holly decided to investigate some sniffs in the long grass and left me to practise on my own. Even OTL wasn't interested in doing any line dancing along the Sea Wall!

The Lone Line Dancer!
 OTL tried a horizontal shot of the clouds. That is, he turned the camera around to horizontal instead of him falling over and becoming horizontal himself!

A Horizontal View!
Back home we went up to tell the ferrets about our walk but you know what? They were still asleep!

Those ferrets sure know how to sleep!

So after our afternoon snooze we will be hunting out OTL's dinner and see if it's worth mugging!

See you all tomorrow and who knows we might get the Arboriculturalist to call!

Bye for now.


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Sunny Sunday!

Hi Woofers!

Us again, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

We love Sundays, it is always a sort of lazy, relaxing, do nothing, slob about day!

It's the only day when we always wake up late, get up late and don't worry about it at all! Even the ferrets rolled over and went back to sleep again!

Of course, when we did get up it was off down to the Sea Wall for our morning run. When we got to the car there was some ice still on the screen so we knew it was going to be cold! Mind you, when we got there the sun was warming everything up and the lack of wind means it was quite warm! Even Snowflake had a run on the beach and was laughing and she even tried out the Wall of Death!!

 Holly and I were investigating the plastic sheet that has been hanging about for some time, there was a funny sniff on it, in the end we decided it could be sea gull poo!

Well, it's not chicken!
 Mr Brambles was having fun digging in the sea shells making as big a hole as he could, Old Two Legs  said that if it got any deeper we'd fall in and never get out again!

This is a Hole lot of Fun!
 Up on the grass path we all were 'Hunting Sniffs', except OTL who was trying to keep from getting tangles up in the ferret leads!

I can still sniff that Badger!
After a while both ferrets dived off into the grass and were hunting 'Mouses' through some of the grass tunnels they build. However, it was an old tunnel and the mouses were fast asleep in their 'Mouse Holes' which were like rabbit holes, but smaller!

I sniff Mouse Holes!
Back home we helped OTL tidy the ferret cage and put all their Adventure Playground away under the table in the office. After all that hard work, we had a snooze!

Down on the beach after lunch we came across some Two Legs playing on the beach. OTL said they had a metal detector and were searching for coins!

OTL called down to say that they should watch out 'cos there could be bombs down there and they all had a good laugh!

Looking for Saxon Gold?
Holly was busy practising her Line Dancing and trying to introduce some Moon Walking into the dance!

Back, Back, Back, Kick!
Tonight we have got to go to bed early 'cos the Tree Surgeon is coming to look at the trees in the front garden and then decide on what to do with them. That means we have got to get up and out very early!

So, that means no late night rat chasing in the garden or pigging out on twiglets! So, it's a cuddle with OTL and then back to a good nights snoozing!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Saturday, 28 December 2013

The Day After The Party!

Morning Woofers!

We are back, just, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

This morning we are a little 'Delicate', you see we had a great party last night, we all brought loads of nibbles and shared them around. Holly was piggin' out on the Ferret Bits and Mr Brambles was having a great time with the Rawhide Chews! I was well into the Ferret Kibble, tastes Great!

Snowflake went around dipping into everything! Mr Brambles was trying to copy Holly and me as we did our 'Line Dancing' routine. In the end he gave up and showed us 'Break Dancing Moves' which was dead impressive! I didn't know a ferret could get into those moves! Snowflake did a little 'Tap Dancing' using all four paws at the same time!

We spent a long time singing songs and telling jokes and Snowflake told us about her previous home and said that she was happy there but living with us was even better and warmer and tick free!

This morning we were all late in getting up, except The Missus, but she had an idea for a card, well that's her excuse!

Our morning stroll was a bit slower than normal 'cos we all were tired and worn out!

It's Just Too Early!
 Snowflake tried to get Old Two Legs to pick her up but he said she needed a bit of exercise to help get rid of last nights 'Nibbles' and she could also do with the wind in her fur!

Pick me up Daddy!
 We met up with Oscar and Max who wished Snowflake a Happy Birthday and they got put on their leads 'cos they wanted to stay and have a run around!

When we got to the steps up to the Sea Wall we heard a dog barking in the distance and the ferrets were a bit cautious about crossing the path!

OK, on the count of three we go!
 On the grass path we came across a super sniff that we all joined in investigating and in the end we all decided it was Badger Wee. Not that the ferrets had sniffed Badger Wee before but Holly said she remembers the sniff from the holiday we spent in Norfolk and all the Badger sniffs we found then!

Well, I reckon it's Badger Wee and it was last night!
OTL got an email telling him the Rat Trap is on its way, so we should see the Big Rat Hunt start soon.

Mr Brambles is going to take bets on how long it takes for OTL to catch the rat. I reckon he will do it in one night but Holly says it will take a week. Snowflake is not too sure 'cos she has experience of the shed and whats underneath!

Holly has been keeping a watch out from the sofa and says that she has seen it a couple of times, but only during the day!

We will keep you informed!

Lunch time and we were ready for another stroll along the Sea Wall.This time OTL took his Infrared Camera Thingy Wossit and was playing about with the light being reflected off things, like, Southend!

An Infrared Southend on Sea!
 Next he tried the breakwater that was covered with sea weed that looked really strange when you consider it was reflecting sun light!

Infrared Sea Weed!
 Of course, he just had to try a 'Moving Subject' and Holly got the honor this time, Smile Miss Holly?

Eye See You!
 Back home to a snooze on the sofa and listen to Holly grumble about me getting too near her chew, as if I'd do something like that, on purpose!

See you tomorrow and we have got a tree surgeon arriving on Monday to advise on our arboreal problem!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles

Friday, 27 December 2013

Snowflakes Birthday Today!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles back again!

Guess what? It was a year ago today that Miss Snowflake crawled out from under the shed and we spotted her! We were told she was 'Two Years Old' so, we have decided that December 27th is going to be her birthday each year!

So, Happy Birthday Miss Snowflake, three years old today! Not that she was excited about a run on the beach, but we went anyway!

My Birthday Wish is for a Warm Bed!
 We all joined in the Rock Climb, even Old Two Legs had a go as well!

OK, where is OTL?
Late morning OTL had to go out to the car and when he came back he told us to stay away from the windows! Why? Well, it seems that last night as the wind blew, it started to blow one of the trees over in the front of the house and not only that, it landed on the tree next to it, sort of like domino's when they fall against each other!

This afternoon, OTL, (I'm a Lumberjack and I'm OK, I sleep all night and most of the day!) was on the telephone trying to find a Tree Surgeon, no success!  

So, off to B&Q for a Bow Saw and into the garage for a ladder and he chopped it down in sections, all on his own!

Down it came!
 We sat at the bedroom window and watched bits being chopped off and it came down just where he had planned it to, clever OTL!

A Bit Off The Top?
Now it is a case of getting a Tree Surgeon in to take all the other trees down and make it into a Car Park!

I bet the birds will have a thing to say about that, nowhere to build their nests!

I think that there may be more discussions before a final decision is made! I mean, you cant throw the birds out of their homes!

We are off to do some mugging 'cos we are both feeling peckish!

Snowflake is holding a Birthday Party tonight and we have all been invited, and it's a 'Bring a Nibble' party!

See you tomorrow and we'll let you know what happened!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Boxing Day Excitement!

Hello Woofers!

We're back again, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

After yesterdays fun and games we are looking for a 'Restful Day' today, well that was the plan but it didn't seem to work out that way!

We all over slept and includes The Missus and the ferrets!

We didn't get out until about nine which to us is really the middle of the day! Old Two Legs is breathing a bit better, still snoring all night long but I think it had something to do with the 'Medicinal' slurp of whisky he had last night!

On our run along the Sea Wall we met up with a right wimpy Bozo of a sheepdog. Holly and I each gave a 'Good Morning' woof and he ran away! All the way back to his owner! I mean, he was a big dog and let's face it, we're not really scary doggies!

Of course, the ferrets were seriously impressed with us and kept  calling us their 'Minders'!

Down on the beach Snowflake was slow in getting going and OTL had to pick her up and carry her to the Rock Climbing Wall. You know, even when Mr Brambles gave her a cuddle she still didn't want to get going!

Come on Snowflake, back to the car!
 On the way across the Rock Climbing Wall we all heard a dog woofing in the distance and Miss Snowflake got a bit worried and called out asking if we were close and could we stop that dog woofing!

I hear Woofing!
 Now I know we are dogs but to stop another dog barking, well, that's not so easy 'cos once you start woofing it sort of makes you woof even more!

OK, Woofin' Stop, Your Scaring My Mate!
 So, just to reassure Snowflake, I did my 'Be Quiet' woof and you know what? It Worked! The dog stopped woofing!

Actually, I don't think it was me that stopped the woofing, I think the dog got bored and stopped on it's own!

Never mind, Snowflake was impressed and Mr Brambles said that it was a good job I had words with the dog 'cos he was about to go 'Dog Hunting' and stop the woofing himself!

I said No Woofing!
Miss Snowflake took a little while before she was ready to get going again and spent some time hiding in a tuft of grass she found on the Sea Wall!

Bet you can't see me!
 Soon we were off again and back home looking for our breakfast!

Holly was on the sofa having a snooze when she saw movement down the side of the shed. It took just a millisecond to register what it was and break into the 'Woofers War Cry'!

Holly had spotted a rat eating some of the seed the birds had dropped from their feeder.

TM opened the door and Holly flew down the garden and behind the shed! By then the rat had gone under the shed and Holly was going potty but the shed in mounted on a concrete base and therefore Holly nor the rat could dig any holes to get to the rat or away from Holly!

Having worked out what all the noise was about, OTL went up onto the computer and ordered up a Rat Trap!

The Rat Trap is on its way!

It should arrive before the New Year so we should be 'Rat Free' before long. I just hope that we don't have to give any of our dinner to be used as bait in the trap!

Miss Snowflake has been enjoying her hammock and Mr Brambles has been up on it but is not too sure about sleeping up there, he says he prefers a warm blanket and a big soft cushion!

A Soft Cushion and a Warm Cuddly Blanket is Heaven!
Lunchtime we went out and met up with some of the lads and there was a new lad there called Sid who is a Chinese Hairless Tufted something or other! All he could say was 'Cold Innit?'

If I looked like that I'd be cold as well!
The other lads were well covered and we had a run around until OTL headed off to the car!

See you soon lads!
Back home it was a snoozy afternoon watching television and playing 'Eye Spy' but everyone of Holly's were to do with food!

Some things never change!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Christmas Day Wow!

Ho, Ho, Ho, Woofers!

Happy Christmas from Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

What a super day it has been today!

We were up early this morning to see what Santa had left for us!

The Ferrets said they would pretend to be asleep when Santa called but you know what? They fell asleep and missed him all together!

In their socks they found a packet each of 'Ferrets Bits' which is one of their favourite nibbles and next to that was a big package that Snowflake and Old Two Legs opened together!

Oh Wow! Just look at what we got Mr B!
 Mr Brambles was more interested in his stomach, as normal, so he looked after the nibbles while Snowflake organised OTL to put up the hammock!

This is just Brilliant!

You know what? It was a super big soft Hammock that stretches right across the cage and is big enough for both of them!

Next Holly and I were off downstairs to see what was in our socks! Holly and I insisted that OTL help us to open the big presents first, even though the small ones had a better sniff to them!

Come on OTL, get it open quick!
You know what? Holly and I got a new jacket each and it is going to be for cold days 'cos it is fleece lined! We were planning to wear it today but just look at the weather, sun shine and balmy breezes!

So you are going to have to wait until the cold weather arrives before we let you see us in our Flying Jackets!

Next we let OTL help us open the small presents that we had a very good idea what was inside! Yes! Rawhide Chews! Our Favourite! 

Come On Let me Help, Quick!
Holly got the first one 'cos she is a bully and off she went to her cushion so set about chewing! Normally we are banned to the office with our Rawhide Chews 'cos they make a bit of a mess on the dark carpet but as it was Christmas, we were allowed downstairs with them, as long as we stayed on the cushion!

This a Happy Christmas!
 We all went out for a walk along the Sea Wall and the sun was still getting up! Snowflake and Mr Brambles had fun digging holes while Holly and me raced up and down the beach!

Christmas Morning on The Beach!
 We were having fun on the beach and Mr Brambles was having a great time, at one point he came rushing down the beach and planted a big kiss on Snowflake, just when she wasn't expecting it!

A Christmas Kiss with no Mistletoe!
 Back home we had a super big breakfast and OTL and The Missus were eating healthily, there was a big fry up with bacon and sausages and fried bread and fried eggs and mushrooms and to drink they had orange juice mixed with champagne! OTL said it was called a Bucks Fizz!

We all had a good feed then OTL & TM opened their presents and we all had fun playing with them!

Lunchtime it was still too warm to wear our jackets but the ground was very wet and muddy!

A Little Damp?
 When Holly found a dry spot she stopped and basked in the sun for a few seconds and announced that 'This Is A Good Christmas'!

This is a Happy Christmas!
 All we need is for OTL to stop making such a noise when he blows his nose and it will be a Peaceful Christmas as well!

We are now off to see what we can mug from Christmas Dinner!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles!