Wednesday, 9 May 2012

It's Getting Warmer!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here.

Have you noticed that in the last two days it has felt warmer? I'm talking about the air temperature, not the rain!

We are still getting all wet and damp when we go out for a walk but it has the promise of better weather on the wind!

Holly on the other hand has been rather engrossed with Rabbit Hunting.

We went out this morning and there, in the middle of the path sat a big juicy rabbit.

A bit further on sat Mr Corvid.

Now What?
Holly stood there thinking, Mr Corvid said 'Run', the Rabbit said 'Wot?'

Mr Corvid said that he would have a chat with the rabbit while Holly sneaked up.

The rabbit said 'In your Dreams!'

So, Holly started to run and she flew like the wind down hill towards the rabbit.

The rabbit got up off it's bottom and just wandered into the bushes.

No Rabbit Stew today!

I was doing my 'Spotting Trick' and said that there was another rabbit over the other side of the bushes but Holly seemed to have lost all interest in Rabbits!

Look! There's Another!
After lunch we got Two Runs! One back around the Sea Wall but we didn't have time for long stroll 'cos The Missus wanted the car to go and do some Baby Sitting so we had to get back quickly.

After about an hour, Old Two Legs gets things all gathered together and we're off in the big car to the carriers and the Post Office then he had to take a load of stuff to the Accountant.

On the way back we stopped off at the Riverside Park!

It was good to get a good sniff of the beach again, back 'Sniffin The Sea Side Sniffs!'

Sniffin The Sniffs!
We went right up to the end and followed the path all the way back again exploring all the new sniffs!

Following The Sniffs!
Right at the end OTL spotted an Oyster Catcher sitting on the ledge, so OTL crept along behind a bush to get closer and then went for the shot!

I See You Too!
On the way back OTL spotted a Common Tern, first this year, so he was a 'Happy Bunny'!

Common Tern
The picture was not his best but have you ever tried catching a Common Tern in flight on a cloudy day!

Off back home and a wait for TM to arrive back!

Tonight we are off to bed early 'cos we are both tired little puppies!

Tomorrow, Rain, More Rain and Even More Rain!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy & Holly