Monday, 1 August 2011

Looking good on Monday

Yo Ho Woofers,

It's us back again!

What a hot day today, the sun has been out and we have been getting some serious attention today.

First we started off by sitting in Old Two Legs office, by the window, waiting for him to finish his breakfast. He seems to take forever eating his milk and rabbit food!

Waiting for OTL!
The Missus had taken us out for our morning walk around The Fields and we were attacked by some nasty thing in a garden!

There we were, just off our lead , having a sniff at the end of the wall before it goes into the field, when, over the top of the wall, without any warning, and for no reason than to upset us, came a mountain of water!

Well, OK, it was a water sprinkler that some one had turned on on the garden behind the wall.

Any way, it came over the top of the wall and landed on me first, off I shot, down the path a bit where I turned around and woofed my disapproval at who or what ever it was!

Holly, bold as brass and reluctant to let go of a super sniff, just stood there and gave them a really good woofing off!

It's just not the done thing, especially as the Neddie's were watching and having a laugh at our expense!

A little later, after breakfast we were loaded into the car and off we went to the 'Poochy Parlour' as OTL has started calling it. Holly and I were not too pleased to be there 'cos we really don't like the washing and sloshing and the hair cut bit!

We went through hell! There was hair all over the place, Holly couldn't decide whether or not to have a Mohican or not, I had the same as last time.

Then there was our nails, I do like to have well trimmed claws and I must say I fussed around a bit on that.

When we were finished, we looked 'The Business' I mean, Seriously Good!

Looking Good or Wot
 Roll on Saturday, we're going to knock 'em flat!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly