Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Holly's weight loss & A Mystery Solved, YUK!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake here!

When we looked out the window this morning the frost had all gone, in its place was a nasty east wind that was rather chilly!

It was so bad that when we went out we had to put our coats on!

Holly was all full of it this morning and even had a go at 'Chase The Ball'! I let her win a couple of times but after that it was everyone for themselves!

Holly Gets The Ball!
 We even had a bit of a tussle once we got the ball as well!

Gerrroff! I Gorra my Ball!
The wind was blowing so much that OTL's eyes were watering all the time and he couldn't see through the viewfinder on the camera. Holly says that's his problem all the time, never mind when it's windy!

A Sunbeam onto the Tower!
Then we heard a whining sort of noise and then that soppy old Labrador came bounding up to say hello to OTL. He has got a thing about OTL, maybe it's because he gets his tail tickled by OTL and he doesn't get it tickled at home!

Yo! OTL!
 Back home we got freshly cooked chicken legs and mixer biscuits, best of all it was still warm from the oven, all lovely and greasy! It went down a treat, we were 'Tails up & Nose down' and almost finished the bowl full, but left a snack for later this afternoon when we may get a bit peckish.

Well, we have to do that 'cos since Holly has been on her diet, not only does she not get nibbles from OTL's plate but neither do I!

Lunch time it was just as cold so OTL said we could go to The New Park 'cos that may be protected from the wind.


It was drafty, not as cold but still drafty!

We had a game of 'Chase The Ball' but this time Holly didn't want to play, so it was just OTL and me running around!

On me nose Cyril!
We also enjoyed the new sniffs along side the path, Holly is very good at sniffs, she has a very sensitive nose!

Jus sniffin the sniffs!

 We had a chase about when we got to the top of the hill, well that's because it's all downhill to the car!

Downhill now Sis!
On the way down Holly decided to have a poo and afterwards, OTL picked it up in a 'Poo Bag'. Holly asked why OTL always does that and I said it was 'cos he was a responsible owner who tidied up after his dogs!

OTL added that on a cold day, providing he got to it quick enough, it would warm his hands by holding the bag for a few minutes!


That OTL really needs to be wormed a bit more often!

On the way back home we stopped off at the vets place.

Holly and OTL went inside, I stayed in the car!

Holly walked up to the weighing machine and got OTL to 'Zero' the numbers, then she got on and sat down.

The numbers flickered on the dial and then stopped at................ 9.2Kg!

Not a gram gone!

She is still the same weight as she was in January!

Holly is not a happy puppy, after going without all those nibbles and treats and only getting a chew once a week and having to eat a carrot each day, she hasn't lost a gram!

OTL reckons that Holly should only get fed every other day, Holly reckons OTL should keep his ideas to himself!

The lady in the vet asked if Holly had eaten Snowflake!

Holly didn't even dignify the question with an answer!

So, there we are, we are going to have to think of another way to get Holly dog to loose weight.

Answers on a ten pound note and addressed to me!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake