Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Boxing Day & An Anatomically Incorrect Bird!

Hi Woofers!

It's Us back again, Daisy & Holly!

Well, we went to bed last night and we didn't wake up at all until gone seven this morning! Holly even had to be lifted out of her bed and carried downstairs!

Holly just doesn't do mornings!

Down on The Sea Wall it was sunny first thing and it seemed that everything was yellow!

A Yellow Beach!
 Of course it was the sun shining on everything and this early in the morning it is normally yellowy red looking, pretty, but once you've seen one the rest look the same!

Having a game of Beach Ball!
We had a super game of 'Chase the Ball' and 'cos it is so muddy, Old Two Legs got cross 'cos I jumped up onto his new trousers and left muddy paw marks, a sort of Boxing Day present for him!
Boxing Day morning looking at Sheerness Docks.
 Back home to a super big breakfast of Turkey and Gammon and biscuits. Well, after that, all we could do was to collapse into our Day Bed and sleep the morning away!

That's how to spend Boxing Day Morning!

A Sensible place to be!
 Even Holly joined in this game!

Wake me at Lunch Time!
While we were asleep Old Two Legs got out one of his presents he got yesterday from The Boys. Now we are really sure that they were having one almighty big joke.

After carefully unwrapping the paper we found that our family had grown by one!

Here is Apollo, well, that's what it said on the label!

For those of you who are new to the blog or have short memories, OTL dug a big pond for the garden this year, filled it with a few plants and loads of water and declared that it would mature 'Naturally' which means, 'It's on it's own now'!

So, slowly it has started to gather insect life and the birds use it for a bathing pool as well. There are no fish in there and for all we know it may have newts, whatever they are!

We have a drink every day 'cos it is a bit colder than our drinking water in the bowl and is not so bland in it's taste!

Getting back to the 'Present', well it is a Grey Heron, not exactly correct but close enough to fool most people and passing White Tailed Eagles!

We know it is made of plastic and it is hollow, so after OTL had plugged it's legs in, the feet were weighted down with stones from the pool surround.

So there is stands until it gets knocked over and sinks in the pond.

Apollo The Heron
Now don't call us picky but, where they have made provision for a plastic tube to be mounted, so you can fix it to the ground, there is a protrusion.

We are not too sure that if you fixed the pipe in place that it would not look like Apollo has three legs!

So OTL has sensibly left the pipe off.

This has presented us with another problem.

The Heron now looks Anatomically Incorrect!

We reckon that OTL will have to do some work with a Junior Hacksaw and a file to 'Round Off' Apollo before we allow him to be photographed again!

Curtains and the Junior Hack Saw Please Nurse!
See you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly