Saturday, 9 July 2011

Saturday Bird Watching

Hello Woofers!

Daisy & Holly back again.

First of all a big welcome to Mr Tom who has joined our Happy Band of Woofers.

Saturday is normally a good day for an adventure and this Saturday is no exception, we gathered all our gear together and set off in the car to Canterbury where we like to go bird watching amongst the reed beds.

Well Old Two Legs and I go bird watching, Holly just speculates on the edibility of each of the ducks we see and she tries to work out what they taste like!

OTL took his big lens with him so all the pictures are sort of long distance today, none of Holly and me.

Makes a change!

First of all there was the Little Egret we saw again, it was still wandering around looking for the small fish and frogs.

We thought this was a good picture 'cos it shows both the bird and it's reflection, in the water, all very 'Arty' as OTL says!

An Arty Little Egret

Then there was the Heron,what a scruff bag he was when he first landed, reminds me of Holly after she wakes up in the morning, all bed hair and scruffy!

What a Scruff bag!
Now this bird kept on hiding behind the reeds, then it would fly off, then it came back and hid behind the reeds again, until finally we got the shot.

A little more elegant pose!
Not bad but we think that OTL can do better!

Tasty  Moor Hen & Chicks!
Then there was the Moor Hen and chicks, Holly said that the chicks would make a tasty change from mugging OTL for his ham sandwiches!

Little Egret doing a 'Pose' again!
We spotted the Little Egret again standing very still, in fact Holly said it had fallen asleep and could she give it a woof to wake it up before it fell over!

We had good runs up and down the paths and we even chased after a rat that dared to cross the path ahead of us!

All the way home we were having a sing song and telling jokes about the birds we had seen today.

Tomorrow we have got the F1 racing at Silverstone, so we may not go out for a big adventure, but we may have a small adventure between the showers!

Bye Bye for now.


Daisy & Holly