Saturday, 26 November 2011

F1 Qualifying and OTL's Bacon & Mushroom Baguette

Hi Woofers!

Daisy and Holly again!

What a Super Saturday! We were out with The Missus first thing for a run around The Fields, chasing each other 'cos there are no rabbits on these fields, foxes and pigeons and other doggies, but no rabbits!

It really was a little boring going around The Field, especially after our runs down at the Sea Wall, so, later this morning we had a word with OTL and let him know where we want to go next!

We got back home and had a super 'Chicken & Biscuit Breakfast', freshly cooked!

Then up to Old Two Legs office for our  'after breakfast snoozette' while OTL played around on the computer!

Our run along the Sea Wall was a bit of fun 'cos we went a different way around the bushes and there was loads of rabbit sniffs to be had and Holly said she could smell a fox as well!

I sort of half believed that 'cos I had seen a fox by the side of the road on the way down and both Holly and me had woofed at it, not that it took any notice 'cos we were in the car and the fox was creeping along the hedgerow!

When we got down to the Sea Wall the tide was right in and almost covering the Dragons Teeth, so no climbing for me!

Dragons Teeth!
Holly said that the sea was making funny gurgling sounds but it was really the sea bashing into a big pipe, so I told her it was a Sea Monster who was going to at her!

Here be Monsters!

Holly worked out what it was in the end and that's when the punch up started!

OTL found a Puff Ball fungi and was having a close look, trouble was, it was not ready to go 'Puff'

It was a 'Ball' but not old enough to go 'Puff' yet, so we will come back tomorrow and see what has happened.

It was growing by the side of the pathway and we think it may get kicked or trodden on, which will be a pity 'cos OTL really wants a Puff Ball photo!

All Ball & No Puff!
 The F1 Qualifying was fun and Button got third position on the grid for tomorrow, so, fingers crossed for some fun!

While we were watching the F1 Qualifying, OTL had a couple of Bacon & Mushroom rolls, well, he started off with two but Holly and me helped him a little bit.

He is so easy to mug!

I'm off to bed now 'cos we have got to be up early in the morning as OTL wants to go and photograph a Great White Egret at Faversham, so claws crossed for some good weather tomorrow.

Hello to Max, good to see you got another key board, or did they just run the other one under the tap!

Bye for now.


Daisy & Holly (Monster Muncher!)