Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Here, it's mid week again!

Hi Ho Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here with you again.

It was only yesterday that it was Wednesday, and here it's back again!

We were suposed to go over over to They Boys place today but it got changed at the last moment and The Missus got to spend all day making cards, what a shame!

We were in Old Two Legs office this morning when we heard a tapping on the window, there, sitting on the window sill was one of those daft Collared Doves, tapping on the glass. We weren't sure if it was trying to peck its reflection or trying to attract our attention!

Knock Knock!

We went out with OTL for a mid morning run down along the Sea Wall, well, he was planning on going out by himself around midday to collect some stuff in South London.

You know what, he was planning to go all on his own!

We had a race around the brambles to chase the rabbits and then along the Sea Wall to see the sea! The tide was right in and the waves were making funny shapes along the concrete steps.OTL reckons that come the winter storms we should see some great waves crashing over the wall. If that is so, he can jolly well go walkies on his own!

A Wave climbing up the wall!

We saw an rather sad looking balloon on the sea wall, it was sort of sad, like something that was left over from a super birthday party!

After the Party's Over

When we got back at lunch time there was a load of crashing noise coming from the bird box, so OTL switched on the camera and saw that the Blue Tit had almost finished clearing the poo out and was trying to peck at the wooden walls,just to make it more comfortable!

Home improvements!
Well, come going out time, do you think we would let OTL go off to London without us? No way, we insisted we went with him!

On our way out we had to pass the New Park, so, both Holly and me made our 'We want a Wee' signals and OTL had to stop for a half hour to let us have a run!

Crafty or what!

Well that was it really, go out, pick up stuff, go home, eat dinner (Chicken and biscuits), mug OTL, have a pre bedtime snooze!

Come on, that's a lot to cram into a few hours!

So now it's off to bed after the 'Late evening Wee'!

Bye bye for now and see you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly