Friday, 7 January 2011

What a Yuk Day!

Hello to you all,

D & H back again.

Do you ever get those days when it really doesn't happen? You know, jump out of bed all bright and breezy, and land in mud up to your knees and you spend the rest of the day trying to run in the stuff!

Well, me and Holly have had one of those days, it started out with The Missus deciding to take us out for our morning walk. We got all dressed up in our nice warm jackets and went out the front door.

It was raining!

Not the fine spray type of rain, but the big, wet, large rain drops that seem to hit you and go straight through your fur to the skin without stopping!

YUK! I just hate it when it trickles down my tail!

TM tried to take us over the fields, no way! We both sat down on our backsides, pointed our noses to the ground and refused to walk another step!

We were NOT going in all that mud and water. It would be more like a swim than a walk!

Well, TM knew that we must want a wee, so she took us over the football field, not so bad but still wet and muddy.

Pretty quickly we did our business and had a run while TM found the Poo Bin, then we headed back home. 

Old Two Legs gave us a good rub down with the towel, (Holly and me that is, not TM, she does that herself!) 

Then after a long slow brush we looked lovely again.

Every time we looked out of the door today it was still raining! 

We went to the back door and it was even raining in the garden!

I was almost wishing it were colder again so the Snow Fairy would come back!

We've spent most of the day chasing each other around the house and barking at OTL so he would play 'Tug' with us.

We got to remembering what it was like last Spring Time and when we first got close to those silly sheep.

OK, What do we do now?
We are both looking forward to the Spring, can't wait for some sunshine on our backs and this time we we'll know what to say to the sheep.................Blah Blaaah Blaaaaaaah!

Bet you didn't know we can speak Sheep!

Tomorrow we have the vets and I don't fancy that at all, I've got an injection to look forward to plus a worming pill, Holly doesn't care, it's just a worming tablet for her!

Spring is on it's way and already the mud has gone down a little bit!

Bye bye for now and we will see you tomorrow,

Daisy & Holly