Sunday, 5 April 2015

Miss Snowflake has us worried.

Hi Woofers!

Us back again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

The weather has brightened up and there is sun shine all over the place!

Miss Snowflake is worrying us though.

Last night when Old Two Legs stopped by to say good night, Snowflake was acting like she got something stuck in her throat and was trying to get it back up again, then she stopped, had a cuddle with OTL and a slurp of Ferretone and seemed to be a Happy Ferret!

This morning when OTL took up their Lactose Free milk, Mr Brambles, as normal, was trying to beat the door down while Snowflake was still in bed and not moving, at all!

When OTL got her out of bed, she ignored the milk and headed straight for her 'Adventure Playground'. Got into her favourite corner and curled up as if she was going to sleep!

Most unusual!

While Snowflake was curled up, OTL inspected the ferret poo trays and while Brambles was normal, Miss Snowflake had some poo that was just not right, sort of dark pink and not much of it!

OTL started to wonder if she was OK.

We left her in the cage and took Mr Brambles out for our normal walk along The Sea Wall.

First of all he decided to get out for a wee, then he got back in the bag, then he got out for a wander around while Holly and I had a wee!

Hey! Woofers Wee!
Down on the beach we were all snuffling about when we were joined by Bryn, who insisted on giving Brambles a sniff, just to say hello!

Little did he realise, Brambles was in Mid Poo!

Do You Mind! I'm having a Poo!

Back up on the Grass Path, we were all enjoying a sniff and a Ferret Around in the long grass, Brambles was having a great time, ferreting about in the grass and then rolling about in Ferret Sniffs!

This grass is so full of Ferret Sniffs!
 Along the Top Path, Brambles found what he called a 'Super Ferret Sniff'.

In fact, it was so good that he spent ages just rolling about in the sniff!

This is Goooooooooooooooood!
Holly was a bit put out 'cos OTL didn't tell him to 'Stop It' as he does if Holly or I find a sniff worthy of a roll!

Back home The Missus told us that Snowflake had been trying to be sick again but nothing came out.

OTL started to get his 'Worried Look'.

He started off by inspecting Snowflake for anything unusual but could find nothing. Then he had a look on the Ferret Forums to see if anything looked similar.

One thing turned up and that was a 'Hair Ball'. Ferrets can't cough up a Hair Ball like a cat can, instead they have to pass it through their system.

All opinions agree that the first thing to do is get the ferret to a vet.

On a Sunday, on an Easter Sunday?

Luckily, our normal vet is part of a big practise and one of the branches was open!

So, that was it, an appointment in one hour and take your credit card with you!

Off went OTL and Snowflake to the vet who admitted that she wasn't very up on ferrets!

She started off by agreeing that there were no lumps in or around Snowflakes tummy. Then she took her temperature by sticking a thermometer where the sun don't shine!

Thank Gawd for Ferretone! Snowflake didn't bat an eye lid, instead she carried on slurping the Ferretone!

Then her heart was checked and pronounced to be OK, her temperature was OK.

The vet said she couldn't rule out a Hair Ball but she couldn't rule it in either. However, she thinks it may be a bug in the intestines.

So, a slurp of Anti Biotic was administered with instructions for giving some more each day. Next she got a Laxative to take if there was no poo in the tray tomorrow.

Back home OTL made up some 'Duck Soup' which is some chicken, kibble, and egg and a healthy dollop of Ferretone, all mixed up in the food blender until it is a paste.

OTL tried to get Snowflake to have a lick but she really didn't fancy it!

She is now separated from Brambles, just in case it is infectious, and doing what ferrets do best, sleeping!

OTL has left the 'Soup' in a small bowl in the cage together with some kibble.

So now we will wait and see what happens. She hasn't tried to be sick again for some time so we are all keeping our claws crossed that the Anti Biotic is taking effect and she starts eating again!

More news when it arrives!

See you all tomorrow.


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.