Thursday, 3 November 2011

We have a Visitor!

Hello You Woofers!

Daisy & Holly here again!

Yesterday The Missus and Tom and us came home together, all in the same car and I disgraced myself.

I think I'll get up for a stretch!
I was walking across Toms lap for a stretch and I let one go, just about he time my tail was level with his nose!

All of a sudden there was Tom, TM and Holly going Phew, Pheew, COR, PHEEEW! Windows were being opened and everyone was looking at me!

Sorry, it just sort of slipped out, on it's own!

I mean, it's not as though I do it all the time, much!

I blame the chicken myself!

Tom stayed overnight with us, so me and Holly had some fun cuddling up to him on the sofa!

Holly has a cuddle with Tom!
TM & Tom took us out for a walk along the Sea Wall, we chased a couple of rabbits and we got soaked 'cos it was raining!

It was OK 'cos after having our hair cut, a quick rub down with the special 'Doggy Towel', we were dry in no time at all!

After a breakfast of liver and biscuits we spent the morning woofing at a passing cat and snoozing in our beds, it really is a hard life being a puppy you know!

Come lunch time, Old Two Legs gets mugged for a bit of his lunch, then we start to bully him for a run out. Down to the Sea Wall we went and saw an amazing sight. A boat that had run out of water!

I know that you need to put petrol or diesel into the car to make it go but the thought of a boat running out of water was a bit strange, but there it was, right in front of us!

No water!
How embarrassing!

On our way back we bumped into a couple of doggies, one which wouldn't leave me alone, he kept sticking his nose under my tail!

Well what's a girl supposed to do? I ran around a bit but he didn't get the message, so OTL had to pick me up and put me on his shoulder, out of his way.

Then Holly marched up to him and gave him a stern woofing warning!

I Said Leave My Sister Alone!
Good old Holly, she sorted him out!

We had a race with Tom on the way back, talk about slow, we had to keep stopping for him to catch up, he is nearly as slow as OTL!

Come on Mr Slow!
We have some more Liver and biscuits tonight, so we are both going to sit in front of TM until it gets served !

So bye by for now and see you tomorrow!


Daisy & Holly