Sunday, 15 September 2013

Another Lazy Day!

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles enjoying another day of fun!

First of all, we have some new regarding our Fatty Sailor Man. This is now the end of week two of him rowing around the office trying to get rid of his gut!

Well, the first week he paddled around doing just four hundred strokes on the lowest setting, first thing in the morning, waking the ferrets up and making them laugh!

The next week he went up to five hundred strokes but this time when he got to number eighty in each of the hundred he would put a spurt on and go like the clappers until he got to the hundred.

Well, that caused even more merriment for the ferrets who were rolling on their backs laughing their whiskers off!

Now, today he has changed again, this time he has increased the tension to number two!

Number two in effect doubles the drag on the 'oars' and this morning we noticed that he wasn't so fast when he got to the eighty mark, in fact, we didn't see any spurts of speed at all and his face was getting redder as he paddled around.

The ferrets were getting worried in case he fell off the rowing machine as wouldn't be able to take us out for our morning walk!

It all worked out in the end and we think he will survive for today!

The ferrets had fun with the new cardboard tube, running in and out and Snowflake was storing all her squeaky toys in it!

Hey! I can stand up in this one!
 As soon as she put a toy in, Mr Brambles would dive in and kick it out again! We think he was trying to be bossy but decided against it after Snowflake bit him on the backside!

Get yer toys out of here!
Snowflake went back to her other boxes and tubes and played a game of 'Hunt The Ball'

I can See Them!
Of course, when breakfast arrived, Old Two Legs got his bowl full of Rabbit Food and Mr Brambles got into his 'Begging Position' right at OTL's feet, looking up and asking to be fed!

Can I have some Milk Daddy?
Mr Brambles is a bit of a 'Guzzle Guts' and not only does he finish his Lactose Free Milk in record time but he polishes off Snowflakes if she hasn't slurped it all down!

Down on the beach we all had fun digging holes and I even went in for a little paddle! OTL wouldn't let me swim 'cos he hadn't got a doggy towel in the car and I would have got too cold!

The ferrets were having great fun and at one time Snowflake tried to pinch Mr Brambles hole!

Gerroff! Go Dig Yer Own 'ole!
Back home The Missus served up our breakfast.................Doggy Scoff! Yuk, Yuk, Yuk!

We have decided to report her to Archie's Mum so she will tell TM off good and proper!

I suppose now we will have to survive on what we can mug off OTL!

I had some fun with OTL, you see, 'cos the office is so handy, he keeps going in there and keeps up with the paperwork, which is pretty boring, so today I decided to do a protest 'Sit In' and prevent him for doing all that boring stuff!

This is a Doggy Protest!
 It didn't do me any good 'cos he took the keyboard off the desk and worked on his lap!

Lunch time arrived and the clouds arrived and it got a bit colder outside. We decided to get out a bit earlier than normal 'cos OTL said that it may rain this afternoon.

Off we went, Sniffin' the Sniffs and having a good time, then back home.

Holly Sniffin' the Sniffs'
Holly tried to raise our hunger concern with OTL, she went up stairs and stood behind his chair and did her 'I Want Something' woof!

She then led OTL down stairs and into the kitchen where she sat down in front of the Doggy Scoff and looked at it, then she looked at OTL, then back at the Scoff and back to OTL.

Well, it couldn't be any plainer, so OTL told TM about it and you know what?

She said 'Tough, that's all they got!'

She can be so cruel sometimes, just wait until she wants a cuddle!

Let's hope OTL has some muggable dinner tonight!

See you tomorrow, if we survive!


Daisy, Holly Snowflake and Mr Brambles

P.S. We hope Mike is getting better after the operation, we will wait for Sue to report back.