Saturday, 5 November 2011

A quiet day up The Forest?

Yo Ho Woofers!

It's Daisy & Holly back again.

Last night we had another couple of shaky hours with some locals letting off the Pop Bangs again. We gave Holly a cuddle and she settled down with Old Two Legs to begin with, then The Missus and when TM went to bed Holly went up with her to sleep on the bed.

Well, after a while the Pop Bangs stopped but Holly was still a bit worried and didn't want to be on her own, so she jumped up on the bed and lay next to TM & OTL for an hour or two before creeping back to her own bed.

This morning she seemed OK and we spent some time playing 'chase the ball' up and down the stairs. That had TM chasing us back up stairs threatening to unscrew our tails if we did it again, which we did, 'cos OTL kept throwing the ball down the stairs!

Lunch time came and it stopped raining, so we decided to take OTL and his camera for a run down The Forest 'cos there must be loads of fungi popping their heads up after the rain!

Off we went for  a quiet run in the woods.

OTL spots some bracket fungi growing on a log and says it's called Turkeytail (Trametes versicolor) and it is not poisonous but it tough and leathery.

Bet you didn't know that!

Holly says it doesn't smell like Turkey or Chicken come to that!

Turkeytail Fungi

While he was taking the picture a couple walking their dog stopped to ask what he was doing and was the fungi rare. OTL said it was as rare as fresh air and he was interested in the colour. Off they went and Holly and I got a bit fed up and sat on the log where the fungi was, just to let OTL know we wanted to move on!

Next we stopped to have a look at some old Air Raid Shelters and while we were having a sniff, OTL found another fungi growing in the grass.

So while he was setting up the camera we went off for a rummage around looking for new sniffs.

An Australian couple came along and asked if OTL was looking for fairy’s! OTL said 'no' but he wouldn't mind finding a pot of gold!

He went back to trying to photograph the fungi again when we decided to introduce our new friend, a Beagle, to OTL, and we all three danced around the fungi having a sniff at the same time!

OTL told us to woof off and leave him alone for a while, so we did, just before the owners of the Beagle stopped to ask him what he was doing!

You can imagine what he wanted to say, and we reckon the last word would be........... OFF!

Well, he finally finished and it doesn't look too bad.

We haven't found it in the book yet!
We then went off looking for more fungi and while OTL was looking under a fallen log a young couple came along with their two children.

They asked OTL if he knew the woods well and did he know of some trees that had been made into seats.

OTL took a look at the children and said that if they carried on a bit further they would find a log that had been cut into the shape of a bench and that was where the elves sat when they had their sandwiches at lunch time and if they went on a bit further up the hill, on the right they would find the chair that the chief fairy sits on. Then if they carried right up the hill to the Iron Age Barrow, they would find the chair that is used by the King of The Fairy’s every night when they have their dance!

The children were open mouthed all the time OTL told them how to get to the chairs, the Mummy smiled and said thank you and the Daddy just stood there with his mouth open and his eyes as wide as saucers.

We reckon he was thinking 'What sort of crazy nut have we stopped here?'

Holly and I were both laughing our tails off, but we did hide behind the tree to do it!

We tried some running along the tree trunks and I nearly fell of 'cos I was going so fast!

A Fast Flying Daisy!

Well, we've got home and I had decided to post the blog early 'cos Holly and me are going to get up on OTL's lap, just in case they let off some more Pop Bangs tonight!

So bye bye for now and OTL has promised that we are off to Canterbury tomorrow, Yippee!

Bye bye for now.


Daisy & Holly