Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Guess Where We've Been?

Hi Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles!

We saw the sun this morning, what a change from a couple of weeks ago when it was all 'Sunshine & Sand'!

Although the wind was blowing it wasn't too cold and both Mr Brambles and Snowflake had a good run.

Down on the Beach I asked if we can go in swimming but Old Two Legs said that we didn't have a towel in the car and he didn't want his seats to get wet!

Spoil Sport!

Well, how about a little Paddle?
 Both of the ferrets had fun digging holes but it took some 'Tough Love' to get Snowflake to enjoy the beach, all she wanted to do was have a cuddle and wee on OTL!

Come On, Just a Little Wee?
Mr Brambles, as normal, was getting into trouble and this time he found an old nibbles packet, thrown away by some Bozo Two Legs, so he stuck his head inside for a sniff and couldn't get it off again!
Oi! me 'ead's Stuck!
OTL had to get it off his head before he could carry on digging a hole!

Wotcha Reckon on The Hole then?
Miss Snowflake was rooting around in some sea weed and decided that there was no way that she could ever eat the stuff 'cos it was so salty!

This is Yuk before you even get near to it, how could anyone eat it!
 Of course, they both enjoyed the scramble through the rocks on the way back. Mr Brambles want to try it after it gets some ice on it from the sea, he reckons that he would need and Ice Axe and Crampons and he asked OTL to have a look on the Internet to see if there were any his size!

This would be good for a Winter Climb!
Back home it was Lambs Heart today, so the rest of the morning was spent 'Resting' on the bed sleeping it off!

Mr Brambles must have damaged his wart again 'cos there was some blood on his coat and OTL had to wash it off with some warm salty water. Holly said it might have been a good idea if we just dipped him in the sea and wrung him out!

Mr Brambles said that if Holly came close enough he would give her a kiss for coming up with such a brilliant idea, just wait while he sharpens his fangs!

Lunch time came and I decided that we should go  out a little earlier 'cos the sun was poking through the clouds and on top of that OTL had promised we could go down The Forest again!

Off we went leaving the ferrets asleep in their house.

When we got there we were shocked!

They have been slashing away with the chain saws and ripping up all the bracken and mowing the grass and making life unbearable for OTL's Fungi!

There used to be loads of fungi here!
It was terrible! There were tractor tracks everywhere and on top of that we were almost run down by a bunch of  walkers whose combined ages must go into the millions! I swear there was not one under the age of seventy!

Stampeding OAP's!
Once we had let them stomp past, there, standing by the path were the Highland Cattle that were there to chomp away all the bracken. Trouble was, they were on a 'Lunch Break' and had decided to have a break from chomping!

One even tried to charge OTL for reading the notice! Silly cow, trying to get OTL to part with money? She might as well have tried to fly!

Oi! Five bob to read The Notice!
We found some Fungi for OTL but it wasn't anything exciting, just the normal stuff, all the good fungi had been wiped out by the mowing machines!

Not very exciting!
I went off hunting squirrels but they were hiding up in the trees keeping out of the way of those nasty chain saws!

Shss! I thing I hear one!
OTL found some more Fungi, not very pretty, so he tried to play about with the light to make them more interesting!

This was on the 'Vivid' setting.
Then he found this bunch at the bottom of a tree where they couldn't get their chain saws!

Hiding in the Forest!
So, back home we went to have an afternoon snooze before mugging time!

Not sure what we are doing tomorrow 'cos they forecast more rain in the morning, lunch time and afternoon!

I think we will be spending tomorrow with our legs crossed, unless OTL lets us wee on his coat like he does Snowflake!

Bye bye for now!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles (Wounded)