Thursday, 21 March 2013

It's Snowflakes Day Today!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly & Snowflake here.

Well, for the First Day of Spring, today is having trouble getting out of Winter!

We can see the Daffodils beginning to flower but the weather is really unhappy!

Not that it bothers us too much 'cos we got lots to do, like beat up Old Two Legs and bully him rotten!

I was getting a bit fed up with his snoring this morning, so, up on the bed I got, crept around to his head that was just poking out from under the duvet and gave his ear a good licking!

That stopped him, for a little while!

This morning down on The Sea Wall we had a run around and met up with Barney! He was having a good old time chasing his ball about. It was a bit drafty, so we didn't hang about too long and any way, there were rabbits to stalk!

Yo Girlie's!

No Rabbits!

I don't know if we were too late or they hadn't got out of bed yet but not a sign did we see, not even a fresh rabbit poo!

Back home we had a late breakfast 'cos The Missus forgot about our chicken while she was doing another of her Super Slick Special Invention type cards.

Did you know, she could be labelled a SSSI, a first for card making?

OTL was in the office playing with Snowflake, it's a noisy game and involves her squeaky toys. She is so fast when she chases them that OTL has got to be quick to get his hand out of the way when she goes to grab the toy!

He's got the scars to show how slow he was to begin with!

This time he got the camcorder out and set it up on the tripod and then the fun started!

 As you can see, Snowflake rushes around but very quickly gets tired and sometimes just falls asleep anywhere in the office, so OTL has to keep an eye on her or we could have a missing ferret snoozing under our bed!

Lunch time we were out again and there was a bit of wind blowing, so we had a race along the 'Wall of Death'. Of course, I won, as normal and it was good fun running and trying to stop sliding down the wall at the same time!

Stand Back!   'Fast' and 'Super Fast' puppies coming through!
After that I thought I'd play a trick on Holly, so I hid at the top of the steps while she had a dig in the sand.
I'm expert at hiding!
 Then as she came up the steps I jumped up and went ......BOO!

 That nearly made fall over backwards onto her tail!

 As we headed back to the car, OTL decided to go a different way back, which was a bit strange 'cos that would mean we missed out on the chance of a bunny.

Then we saw why!

Mrs Foxy!
OTL reckons we might have chased the fox and the fox just might have turned on us!

So, no bunnies, no fox, no matter!

There's always next time!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly & Snowflake