Thursday, 30 May 2013

Guess who is in the Poo Again?

Hello Woofers!

It's us here, McDaisy & MacHolly.

Now, you know how much fun we doggies just love to have, you know, chasing wolves, bears, Nargles and Rabbits? Well, this morning Old Two Legs was up long before we normally wake up 'cos he was off to photograph the eagles and he wanted to make sure we got a walk before leaving us.

If we had gone down our normal path, there would have been loads of rabbits to chase and he knew that we would be off after the sniffs as soon as we were off the lead. So, what did he do? He took us on the New Road into the forest where the sniff of a rabbit is rare! This of course was just so he doesn't have to chase us all over the place when we ignore his commands to 'Come to Heel', whatever that is!

Look Sis, Here Be Rabbits!
Today, not only did we sniff some rabbit but we saw three rabbits doing a 'Fast Exit' into the trees!

That was it, down the cliff face we went, through the undergrowth and into the trees, howling and woofing as we went!

Do you think we took any notice of OTL? Too right, OTL was the last thing in our minds! We were all over the place and it was only when we decided that those pesky rabbits had really disappeared that we considered going back to OTL, who by now was getting all steamed up and going red in the face from calling and whistling for us!

He Does Go On So!
We had to jump over some very yucky ditches to get back, well, I did 'cos MacHolly found a short cut back across a tree trunk that had fallen across the ditch. I caught up with OTL but I was, as OTL said, a 'Really Yucky Puppy' in need of some serious washing!

Well, Just a Little Grubby!
The washing was left to The Missus 'cos OTL jumped into the car and went steaming out of the gate and off to his eagles in the sea!

We spent a lazy day with TM who spent most of the day either making cards or snoozing!

I thought that snoozing was our job!

OTL came back later on in the afternoon with some pictures and as he says, nothing brilliant!

OK, it's a Bird, but does it taste like Chicken?
That was because there were too many people on the boat sticking their heads in front of his lens when the eagle came down for the fish!

When he came back we all went out for a walk along Loch Torr and he took some more pictures of water and flowers, Boring, Boring, Boring!

Then he took one of us, on the lead 'cos we got in trouble again and TM just didn't trust us!

Guess Wot?
This one was funny 'cos he had to go down into the ditch to get the tripod and camera down low enough to get the right angle! Poor OTL, it was wet and muddy and damp and Yucky!

Boring and a Mucky OTL as well!
Both MacHolly and I called him a 'Mucky Puppy', well, it makes a change for us to be clean and him to be Yucky!

On the way back we had to do some shopping in Tobermory, so, we decided that as it was sunny and we were on holiday we should all have an ice cream and guess what?

MacHolly Licking The Last Lick!
Yep! We shared OTL's cone 'cos TM wouldn't let us near hers!

See you tomorrow!


McDaisy & MacHolly

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Ticked Off!

Hi Woofers!

McDaisy & MacHolly back with you and with a bit of luck, up to-date with the blog!

Well, we have had another exciting day here in sunny Scotland and what sun! It has been beating down since before we got up this morning!

Old Two Legs took us down the forest path and we went down a bit further, mainly 'cos I caught the sniff of a rabbit and MacHolly said she could sniff Nargles!

Hunting Nargles!
OTL was a bit further back and doing his 'Masterful' calling us to heel, fat chance!

We were running and tearing about, through the grass and the bushes and through the trees and into the holes and between the rocks and...............we got in trouble!

Luckily, OTL had forgotten to bring the lead so all he had was his voice and a handful of gravel which he threw at us to break our concentration, (on rabbits or Nargles)!

He marched us back up the hill towards the car, keeping behind us an making sure we kept going.

I was whacked out, all that running about chasing things had finally caught up with me and I wanted a carry, on OTL's shoulders, just like he did when I was a puppy.

So, I jumped up at his leg and woofed, then jumped up some more and when he knelt down I jumped straight up onto his leg and sat there, mainly because I had forgotten how to get up to his shoulder without falling off!

He took the hint and lifted me onto his shoulder where I helped out by sticking my claws into his neck, to stop me falling off!

Me, getting a carry!
A bit further on I began to feel better and OTL put me down near a puddle that is always fresh, OTL reckons it may be a spring feeding it!

We didn't care 'cos the water was super cool and we gave our paws a wash and had a slurp as well!

Cooling our paws!
Back at the caravan we had a brush and a tick hunt and would you believe it, I had eight of the little devils making free with my body!

Nasty gnawing little things!

MacHolly only had two on her this time and OTL said it was because I spent too much time in the undergrowth hunting rabbits!

When that was all over, we settled down to a snooze while OTL did some more photography of the camp site 'cos the owner had asked him to take some pictures for the new website this autumn.

A Preview of the Site.
You know what? Even The Missus sat outside in the sun watching OTL working!

It really is hard work, watching OTL work!
Tomorrow he is off to photograph the Sea Eagles again, so it looks like we will have to put up with snoozing all day.

It can really be a hard life you know!

See you tomorrow and be warned, you may get to see some more eagle pictures!


McDaisy & MacHolly (Tick free for now!)

All Tickety Boo!

Hi Woofers!

It's us again, McDaisy & MacHolly!

Sorry about yesterdays post, by the time Old Two Legs got down to town, the shop had shut, so he had to upload this morning instead, naughty OTL!

What news today? Well, first of all I must tell you about MacHolly Dog. As you know, we do like investigating new sniffs and interesting piles of smelly stuff and things that lurk in the grass and brambles.

In the camp site we found a super place for sniffs and yesterday we were having a great time, 'Sniffin the Sniffs!'

Yep! You guessed it, MacHolly and me picked up a couple of Ticks!

OTL found one just beside MacHolly's nose and another on her hind leg! 'Doctor OTL' set to work and soon had the nasty little devils out and deposited down the loo!

Then it was my turn and I did not like it! I had one on my chin and another on my belly and I put up a bit of a fight! In the end OTL got them out and it started to feel better within a few minutes!

Needless to say, we got a good 'Inspection' this morning when we had our brush!

Lunchtime came and OTL rushed off to his 'Eagle Watch' at the RSPB hide and he had to pay real money to the Warden and not even a reduction for being a member, that hurt OTL!

He took his 'Show Off Lens' and even the wardens were impressed and one even asked for some of the photos of the chick so it can go onto their own blog!

You're in My Space!
 You could see just what that eagle was thinking!

Mmmm, How about Crow Pie?
OTL was going to ask how they intended paying for the photos but in the end kept his mouth shut, which was for OTL, very hard!

He said that the eagle was sitting on a branch near to the nest and she was getting Dive Bombed by a couple of Hooded Crows who reckoned that the eagle was encroaching on their space!

This is The Second Warning!
Then after a while the eagle went off to do some shopping and the baby eagle was looking out of the nest to see where Mum had gone!

Neither of the parents returned before the Warden announced that the show was over and they should all clear off!

Still, OTL got to see the Eagles and when he came back, we gave him a good licking hello and demanded a walk down the forest!

Well, he shouldn't have left us with The Missus all day!

Mind you, we did get a chance to have a quick snooze before we went out for our walk, we just can't seem to settle when he's not at home!

First good snooze of the day!
Once again, he was too late to up load this blog down at the 'Choccy Shop', so he will have an early start tomorrow!

See you tomorrow!


McDaisy & MacHolly (Tickless!) 

Sorry it's late but OTL has been De-Ticking us!

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Beetle Bums!

Hi Woofers!

It's McDaisy & MacHolly here again!

What a night! The rain just fell from the sky all night long. Holly reckons that the caravan was floating around the field and she even heard the ducks complain it was just too wet!

We were taken down to the forest path but neither of us wanted to go 'Walkies' even though we had our coats on!

So, we dug our claws in and refused to follow Old Two Legs.

Old Two Legs said that after he had got up early, got dressed up in his 'Wet Weather Gear' the one thing we were going to do was 'Go Walkies'!

So we got dragged along the path until we couldn't see the car and that's when OTL let us off our lead and continued to walk down the path.

We stood still and refused to move.

OTL kept walking and refused to come back.

In the end it was Holly who started to walk after OTL and in the end even I gave up and followed him.

We weren't happy about it but we did it!

When we got back to the camp site we all went in and we got a rub down to dry us off. It was then that we saw a crow sitting on the windscreen wiper at the back of the car, ripping the rubber wiper blade off!

Not good!

By the time OTL got out the damage had been done and the rubber wiper blade was in bits on the grass!

OTL Not Happy!

Lunch time came and the sun came out so off we went to Loch Torr again!

Look! Loch Torr, Again!
MacHolly spotted a Beetle crawling along the path, so, like all dogs, she stopped to sniff it's butt!

Pheew! You Honk!
A Beetles Butt is Terrible, MacHolly reckons it must have been rolling poo around with it's back legs! !

OTL took some photographs of the Wood Primrose and they looked good after the rain had washed all the dust off them!

Primrose in the Wood!
The burn was in full flow and of course OTL just had to take some more pictures!

OK, so, it's just water!
A bit further up the path we spotted a Buzzard in the trees, at first Holly thought it was an eagle but OTL confirmed it was a Buzzard.

This buzzard looked all mean and hungry and even flew over us, just to check we weren't black and white rabbits!

Mmmm!  B&W Rabbits?
After that we were looking over our shoulders all the time, just in case!

This road was better than the last time 'cos it was pretty, even though the trees had been chopped down and of course OTL was looking for some landscape shots.

Now, morning light would improve this one?
Pity it wasn't first thing in the morning or last thing at night, he might have got a sunset!

We are feeling a little worn out after the run, so, off for a snooze before dinner, then it's an all out mugging for some shortbread tonight!

See you tomorrow!


McDaisy & MacHolly!

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Sunday and Bear Hunting!

Hi Woofers!

McDaisy & MacHolly again in sunny Scotland!

As it is Sunday we have had a sort of 'Lazy Day', which makes a change 'cos we normally have 'Busy Days'!

We were late in getting up and enjoyed a super 'After Wake Up Snooze' while Old Two Legs had a shower and brushed what is left of his hair!

Then, once he had finished his breakfast of 'Rabbit Food' as he calls it, we went up to the forest and along the new road right up to the end.

The End!
There were loads of sniffs of rabbits and foxes and badgers and bears and wolves and deer!

Me Hunting Bear!
So you see, we had a lot to sniff at!

On our way back, we met up with a rather dopey spaniel type dog who was rather busy digging roots up from trees that have been felled, I told you he was dopey!

Well, anyway, it seems that his owners moved up to Tobermory about eleven years ago from their house in Sheerness, just across the river from where we go for our stroll along The Sea Front!

Small world!

We didn't tell them about where we think the bear lives, just in case we were wrong!

Here be Bears!
Back at the caravan OTL decided to have a lazy day as well, so no driving to mountains or big beaches where there are loads of rabbits, instead he read his magazines and snoozed!

That was until lunchtime, MacHolly and I decided we had been good doggies all morning and now we wanted to go out for a run, a good long run, somewhere we hadn't been before!

Before long we were off in the car and down the road to Loch Frisa.

This is the place where until a couple of years ago, a pair of Sea Eagles were nesting alongside the loch and the RSPB ran trips up to a shed that they called a hide, so people can see the birds. The only trouble was, it was so far away that all you could see was a grey sort of dot sitting on a branch!

OTL reckons you would have had to be using a telescope like the Hubble Telescope to see anything!

Loch Frisa but No Eagles!
Then the nest fell down or the tree fell over, but now there are no eagles nesting there.

So, the RSPB have lifted the hide up and moved it to another site where there are nesting eagles and OTL is going to have a look at them next week some time!

Well, we ran all over the place chasing the sniffs and MacHolly and I even went into a big garden where we had a good sniff, until OTL came and put us on our lead and took us back out to the road again, yep, we were in trouble again!

We soon got let off the lead again, just the other side of the cattle grid!

More sniffs!

We didn't see any eagles, just a few buzzards floating on the thermals and some sparrows and blue tits!

When we got back to the car we were both worn out and wanted to get back to the caravan for a drink, a bit of breakfast we had left and of course a snooze!

You just can't beat a snooze on a Sunday!

See you tomorrow!


McDaisy & MacHolly (All worn out!)

Saturday, 25 May 2013

The Loch Torr Rabbit Saga!

Hi Woofers!

It's McDaisy & MacHolly here in sunny Scotland.

Today it is Saturday and that's when the campers either pack up and go home or arrive and unpack!

This weekend is a Bank Holiday, so we are expecting loads more to arrive. There are some in motor homes and some in tents and some have hired out the static caravans and on top of all that, we have been told that the weather will be sunny for a few days!

We have been out with Old Two Legs around Loch Torr for a run along the forest tracks.

The start of Loch Torr!
He says it's better to do the forest 'cos there are no sheep there to get chased by us and we are sort of trusted a bit to have a run around. Mind you, he still keeps a close eye on us, you know I don't think he really believes we can be good doggies if we put our minds to it!

Well, we went tearing off and Holly caught the sniff of a rabbit and I joined in the fun and then OTL lost sight of us and was bawling his head off for us to come back to him and we didn't take any notice, until he found us and put us on the lead again!

Which way did that rabbit go?

OTL said that he was worried just in case we got attacked by a hungry eagle looking for a dinner for it's chicks, Holly asked if an eagle would taste like chicken and could she have a lick to try one out.

OTL didn't think that was funny!

I had to come back down the mountain to keep away from Eagles!

Coming Down The Mountain!
Pretty soon we got off the lead again and off we went, sniffin the sniffs and of course, waiting for OTL to take his pictures of the trees, let's face it, see one and you've seen then all!

See one tree and .............
We were going along the logging roads and in total we reckon to have done about ten kilometres by the time we got back to the car. The only trouble with the forest trails is that there are loads of trees and as you know, OTL is into trees!

More Trees and a Burn!
We went past a big herd of Highland cattle and a load of sheep with lambs, Holly kept calling out if any of them were called 'Lamb Chop' or even 'Mint Sauce'!

The trees opened onto farm land and then we were surrounded by rocky outcrops.

The Rocky Road Back Home!
It then became all up hill and even OTL was puffing away! We stopped a couple of times for OTL to put our lead on, just in case we fancied a sheep chase but believe me, we didn't have the energy!

Cooling Holly's paws in a cool stream!
Finally we got back to the car and soon we were back at the caravan where I shovelled down my Doggy Scoff and fell asleep on the bed!

Holly said she was a bit tired and would finish the Doggy Scoff off later, all she wanted was a rest to let her paws cool down!

We sent OTL of to the Chocolate Shop to up load the blog and we settled down to a well earned snooze!

See you tomorrow and we may be going down to the beach for a run around, but not the one where the rabbits are!


McDaisy & MacHolly

In Trouble again, as Normal!

Hello Woofers!

It's us, McDaisy & MacHolly here and in trouble, again!

We got up early, well, about seven thirty, had a woof at the birds making such a racket and then gave Old Two Legs a good ear lick, just to make sure he was awake as well!

Today, we were promised, we could go down to the beach and have a run around on the sand and chase a sea gull or two, or three!

We started off with our normal walk down the forest and even went a bit further down the path 'cos I could sniff rabbits and I got into trouble for running into the bushes having a ferret around for the rabbits!

Talking of ferrets, OTL rang the Health Spar to see how Snowflake was doing and was told that she is having the time of her life, loads of food, loads of chats with the other ferret and has even started a conversation with a rabbit that is lodging there as well!

So, after all our chores this morning off we went to the beach. Now, this beach is super and it's super 'cos it's got loads of fine sand which is great for digging, as the local rabbits have found out, and they have dug loads of holes and I mean loads!

What was best of all, we had it to ourselves!

All to ourselves!
We started off by OTL leading us down the beach, past the rabbit holes and onto the sand. Then he let us off our leads, so we turned around and rushed back to the rabbit holes to see if there was anyone at home, it didn't help either 'cos we had to shoo off a load of sheep and their lambs before we could get to the rabbit holes.

OTL was not happy!

So we were put on our leads again and marched down to the waters edge where I went in for a paddle and Holly, just looked on. This is no fun she complained then turned around and rushed back to the rabbit holes again!

I'm off to the Rabbit Holes!
OTL was not happy and he put us both on the lead again and only let me off when we got to the sea again, Holly had to stay on the lead!

Holly was not Happy!

I had a swim and a chase about but it wasn't the same without Holly tearing along beside me!

What was even worse, a big old sheep stood on some rocks and called out to us to 'Come and try if your Hard Enough!'

Insult upon insult!

If Your Hard Enough!
So, that was it, instead of making sandcastles or digging moats we were put back in the car and off we went for a drive around to look at the bird life, Boring or Wot!

We did see that the mountains still had some snow on them, but not much!

Sno Much Snow!

We stopped and had a look at the Sea Eagles, then went of to a pub for some lunch which we managed to mug off OTL and The Missus and Holly even managed to blag a bowl of fresh water from the Barmaid!

Back Tobermory to do some shopping and OTL even got the camera out to take a picture of the harbour!

Tobermory Harbour, boring, no Rabbits!
Then it was back to the caravan for some of our chicken & rice dinner before going into the caravan for a snooze.

Well, that made us all late and by the time I got around to doing the blog, it was gone five when the Chocolate place closed!

So that is the reason why I'm doing two blogs today, honest!

See you tomorrow!


McDaisy & MacHolly (Still in trouble!)

Thursday, 23 May 2013

We meet some really Strange Sniffin Noises!

Hello Woofers!

It's McDaisy & MacHolly back again from a rather showery Scotland!

The Missus wanted to do some card making today and ordered us all out of the caravan and we were told to 'Clear Off' for the day!

Well, we don't mind 'cos that means some fun time with Old Two Legs!

First of all we stopped in the middle of nowhere, in fact it was so remote that there wasn't even any sheep wandering about, and that's very unusual for Scotland!

We all went running up the side of the mountain and across a bit of boggy ground and because we are small and light, we just skipped across, unlike OTL who is big, fat and heavy and he started to sink into the bog! Well, he would have done if he didn't jump back quickly and go the long way around! We got to the top and just as we got there, it started to rain!

Back down we went as fast as we could go and believe it or not, Holly was the first one down and next to the car!

A bit further down the road, OTL: stopped the car and took a picture of a Sea Eagle sitting right at the top of a tree, it was miles away and we had trouble seeing it at first. OTL got his 'Show Off Lens' out and took some pictures, not very good 'cos the bird was too far away!

Watch The Birdy!
We then stopped at the forest where they have built a new road, this is so the trucks can get in and out with all the cut down trees. I stood near to the top and did one of my 'Woofing Howls' and pretended to be a big bad wolf of the forest. Holly said that it sounded more like Snowflake with a bad cough!

Howling Wolf?
Cheeky Mutt!

OTL has been looking for Rhododendrons in flower but Spring has come late up here and they are as rare as Sea Eagles in North Kent!

He took us down to the park where a couple of years ago he drove the car too close to the edge of the road and fell off! Remember?

Well, not really any super displays Rhododendrons, just a couple of bushes with a flower or two, so we went for a stalk around to see what we could see.

First of all, we came across a seriously strange sniff that Holly reckons to be a Lesser Spotted Haggis! I said she was making that up but we didn't hang about too long to find out, just in case!

Lesser Spotted What?
Then we came across an old building that was all locked up but we could hear a strange noise coming from the ground floor, so we both went to investigate. We could hear this snoring sort of noise and Holly said it more than likely to be another Lesser Spotted Haggis or maybe even Greater Black Backed Haggis, and they are not very nice precious!

So we did a small 'Woof' and ran away after OTL who would look after us!

Let's get the Woof outta here!
That was it, we decided to creep back to the caravan and have a bite to eat 'cos we missed out on our breakfast this morning and I wanted to get the blog typed up so OTL can get down to the Chocolate Shop and upload it!

So, he is about to go off before the shop shuts and we're going to grab some snooze time before dinner.

Tomorrow we may go down to the sandy beach, if the sun shines!

Bye bye for now!


McDaisy & MacHolly

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Tail Grab & Twist plus a Fishy Tale

Hello Woofers!

We're back, McDaisy & MacHolly!

Today was a bit special for Old Two Legs, he had to get up this morning, early, real early!

You see he had booked a trip on the 'Lady Jane' which is a fishing boat that also takes people to see Sea Eagles catch fish!

Well, what happens is the Captain brings along a bucket of frozen mackerel and throws a couple out onto the water and the eagle comes down and grabs it and flies off back to the nest to feed the young eagles!

As it comes down to pick up the fish. Everyone on board goes 'Clickity Click, Click' with their cameras to get a photo of the eagle picking up the fish!

Fish Grab & Fly!
OTL had booked the early morning trip this week and of course had to get up at the crack of dawn to give us a walk down the Forest Trail before leaving.

The rest of the day was spent having some fun chasing each other around the field and woofing at the eagles that kept trying to land in our field!

I did a 'Tail Grab & Twist!

Tail Grab & Twist!
Holly did a really good Leg Grab & Throw which had me rolling on my back!

Leg grab and Throw!

When OTL came back he told us tales of cold winds, cold rain and cold wind & rain!

The eagle pictures were not too good, seems they were a bit 'soft focus' !

Mind you he did see a bird he is convinced is a Great Northern Loon!

Still, it keeps him out of mischief!

This afternoon he took us down the Forest Trail and I found some really super sniffin poo to roll in, I mean it was that pongy even OTL had to drive back to the caravan with the window open!

Needless to say, I got washed, all over and now smell like a Tart!

I'm sure that OTL likes up loading this blog 'cos to get access he needs to buy a hot chocolate drink and it has cream on top and chocolate dust sprinkled on top of the cream, sounds yummy!
Tomorrow OTL has been told he must take us out, all day, 'cos The Missus wants to make a card, do we care? All we are interested in doing is chasing the rabbits over the hills and OTL has found a place where we can not only chase rabbits but climb a mountain at the same time, providing it doesn't rain!

So, see you tomorrow and we are off to town to get a post card to send to Snowflake, something rude about Stoats and Weasels!

Bye for now.


McDaisy & MacHolly

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Us Checking Out The Sniffs!

Yo Ho Woofers!

McDaisy & MacHolly here with you again!

First of all, Happy Birthday to Auntie Zoe, reached to four zero she has. Mind you, OTL reckons he would be please to reach four zero again but as Holly pointed out, it won't be long before her does but it will be a 'Double Four Zero' !

We had a super snooze last night, out like a light, as Old Two Legs says, well a slurp of the 'Water of Life' does help!

When we woke up it was cloudy but by mid morning the sun had come to see us and of course, that means a game of 'Chase the Ball' on the camp site!

We went up the Forest Trail and said 'Hello' to some sniffs we remember from two years ago and found some new ones as well. They have been messing about with the trees and have also cut a new road through the trees!

Hello Smelly, Remember Us?
 Of course, OTL was waving the camera at some flowers, Primroses I think they are called.

Highland Primrose!

Down on the sea front we had a walk along the front and said hello to the gulls and the tourist, (mainly old Wrinkly's like OTL &The Missus!)

Spot the Wrinkly's!
 To get the blog up loaded, we have to send OTL into town to a 'Free WiFi' shop, but it's not free really 'cos he has to but a cup of hot chocolate and sit an slurp that while the blog gets up loaded! 

He says that the pub has free WiFi as well but TM won't let him go in there!

In the camp site there is no phone signal, so no chance of up loading by the use of a 'Dongle'!

You know, OTL had to go for a drive up to the top of a hill to get a phone signal and while he was there he rang the Health Spar to find out how Snowflake was doing.

Well, she is having a ball, she has been chatting to the other ferret and has been let out to run around the bathroom for a bit of exercise, she even had a cuddle with the lady who runs the Spar and gave her a lick as well!

So Snowflake is having a ball and three-quarters!

Tomorrow, OTL is off to photograph the eagles again so we will spend the day with our paws up catching up on our snoozes!

Bye for now!


McDaisy & MacHolly (who has been rolling in something smelly but hasn't told OTL where it is!)