Monday, 21 December 2015

It was on a Monday Morning when the Gas Man came to call.

Hi Woofers!

Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma back again!

Now, if you lot out there can remember the song, then you are as old as Old Two Legs!

He told us about the song when today started to go all wobbly for him!

You see, he got this Doo Dah TV yesterday and tried to set it up on the G-Plan TV Unit he has mounted all the other TVs on over the years. This time it didn't fit, in fact the TV was just a little too big and it's feet hung over the edges.

So starts the story.......................!

The Missus starts off with suggestions that involve converting the cabinet which houses the Music Centre that hasn't been used in years. OTL hauls it across the room, dismantles the music centre and the TV fits! Trouble is, it looks horrible!

TM not happy!

Next idea is, take the top off the bookcase (G-Plan circa 1972) place TV unit next to it and place one foot on the TV Unit and the other on the base of the book case!

Haul the Music Centre unit back across the room, discuss replacing Music Centre for something up to date and terribly expensive.

OTL not happy!

Book case reduced to three parts now, OTL looses the drinks cabinet section of the bookcase and stowage of the DVDs

OTL not happy!

Base of Bookcase moved to 'Dust' underneath and remove a couple of doggy biscuits the ferrets have 'Stored' for the hungry times.

Ferrets not happy!

Holly and I inspect the pile. There was Chicken Fillets from Pet's R Us, Bonio Biscuits, High Protein Brambles Biscuits and Scientific Nodular Biscuits as recommended by the vet!

Stinky Little Thieves!
Holly and Daisy not happy!

OTL gets the base realigned and the TV Unit re-positioned to accept the new TV and the additional bits like DVD player, Sky Box and VHS Tape Player (yes, TM still watches some of the old stuff!)

TM grudgingly says she is happy.

OTL re wires the additional bits and says his back is now not hurting so much.

OTL is happy!

The stash of stuff under the bookcase is thrown in the dustbin.

Ferrets still not happy.

OTL bungs up the gap between the wall and the base of the bookcase to stop the ferrets from getting in  with any more stolen biscuits!

Ferrets now are showing off Big Time!

It takes hours to put the DVDs and the Cd's and the LP Records back in the cupboards.

OTL still has to re assemble the Music Centre 'cos he has decided that he will not be buying that big expensive system that TM wants!

TM is now showing off big time!

To add insult to injury, TM's laptop has stopped talking to the Internet and does not see any Network in the house. TM wants to shove an order into Tesco's for Christmas but with no computer that does not make TM happy!

TM is now doing the 'Deep Grumble'

OTL has taken the laptop, power supply and the mouse then heads off to his office to perform repairs.

TM is still grumbling but at least she makes OTL a cup of tea!

After an hour or two, laptop gets well and talks to the Internet!

TM now happy!

So, just like the song, It was on a Monday Morning when the TV came to call!

We managed to get a couple of runs down on the beach, Miss May did a wee in the surf and said 'Here's a bit more'!

Get out and swim!
 Holly and I enjoyed the sniffs on The Sea Wall, especially after the rain had passed!

Nothing like a well washed sniff Sis!
The beach was just the same, new sniffs come in on the tide and Holly said she caught the sniff of ferret.

I didn't tell her about May and her wee!

I'm sure this is ferret!
 May and April had fun in the Sea Kale, I really don't know why it is such an attraction to them, it really doesn't turn me on at all!

Can we take this home?
We are glad to hear that Nipper is settling down and started on his diet, he is down to only four Michelin Tyres a day! We know he gave up on car bumpers 'cos they got stuck between his teeth!

Archie Babe better keep his metal drinking bowl away or Nipper will eat that as well as the Kevlar Jackets!

By the way Izzy, the TV screen is great, when we see the adverts that use a woofer, Holly and I go potty 'cos we think it is right here in the room with us, it is so realistic!

We still can't get any mugging done at dinner time, both TM and OTL are refusing to give us any nibbles at all. It won't be long before we are no more than shadows!

See you all tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss April, Fred & Wilma.