Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Squeaky Chicken to the Rescue!

Hello Woofers!

It's us again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret!

Now, Old Two Legs has been busy and has now got to the stage where he can't do any more to the garden. Not because he can't think of anything else to do, it's just that The Missus wants to put her stamp on the garden.

That normally means there will be stuff like a knitted frog house or palm tree!

Looking from the North West Corner!
This shows the original pond with the new Boggy Bit over the back. We found frogs hiding under the rocks and in the plants as well!

And this shows the Boggy Bit with plant pots!
 The Boggy Bit is on a slant so the water will run down the ditch that is filled with stones, into the pond.

Well, that's the idea anyway!

Eric is a ferret who has a favourite toy and it is a Squeaky Chicken!

If Eric is lost or is hiding somewhere around the house, we get out the Squeaky Chicken, give it a few squeaks and the next thing you see is Eric at your feet looking up at you!

Today, both ferrets were out rampaging around the house and Eric decided that today he would get his favourite cuddle cup reserved for him and keep Wendy out as well.

To do this he got his chicken and propped it up against the cuddle cup and went of for some more 'Rampaging'!

Unfortunately, Miss Wendy doesn't do any form of reservation, with her it's 'Bums on Beds' so she threw the chicken out and fell asleep!

OTL hung the chicken up on the door to make sure Wendy doesn't chew it to bits!

This is no way to treat a chicken! Just wait until Eric gets back!
I must admit, when Eric got back there was a squeak or two but he didn't get the bed back!

Lunchtime the rain had stopped but  the clouds were heavy and looked like they contained rain, so both ferrets decided to stay in bed!

To be honest, they missed a good walk, it was only a bit windy and the sunshine was good!

OTL was doing his thing, cloud gazing and reckoned he could see a ferret in the clouds

Well, it could be a ferret!
Back home the ferrets were both fast asleep and there were no reports of screaming from Miss Wendy.

OTL is always monitoring the actions of the ferrets and he reckons he has seen a 'Softening' of Miss Wendy's attitude towards Eric and he is not chasing her as much, both of which is a good sign.

Well, they have just two weeks to get it all sorted before Scotland. You know, it is a bit like the Brexit Fiasco, both want to be friendly but on their own terms!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Wendy and Eric de Ferret!