Saturday, 12 April 2014

The Busyest Day of The Week!

Hello Woofers!

We're here again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Today has been Busy, Busy, Busy! It started off with The Missus getting up at some silly time to go and pack all her card making stuff ready for her 'Master Class'. Holly and I stayed up in the bedroom giving Old Two Legs a cuddle before he had to get up.

We couldn't sleep with all the crashing and bashing and turning the lights on and off and TM rushing up and down the stairs!

We had been discussing the lens that OTL plans to use this morning and Holly wanted to see what the lens can do!


OTL set up the camera and the flash 'cos it was still dark!

Then he said ...........SMILE!

Is this how Fishes See Me?
OTL said it would be better once we got out into the sunshine and fresh air!

The first one we tried was on Mr Brambles as he had crawled out of the Ferret Bag and onto OTL's arm!

You have focused on my butt!
Holly thought that it was funny that OTL couldn't get the camera to focus on the correct bit!

Miss Snowflake said that OTL should try taking a picture while she walked towards him and at one point the focus should be correct!

So we tried!

How is my focus?
Snowflake said that it made her nose look big and it's a good job OTL didn't take a picture of her tail!

Mr Brambles tried it and said that his head looked OK and even his butt looked trim!

Am I looking good or Wot!
It was OK but when you added some of the surrounding it all seemed to be wobbly or bendy!

I've never seen that before!
It was even worse when you looked at the horizon 'cos it looked all bent!

If you go too far you'll fall off the edge!
 It was good to get back to the grass at least that didn't bend all over the place, unless the wind blew!

Mr Brambles was in Hunting Mode and said that he could sniff Mouses but Holly said that he should be careful 'cos if they got photographed with the Fish Eye Lens, they could end up looking bigger than him!

Scary Or Wot!

I sniff Mouses!
Back home we got into our breakfast, Ox Heart!

OTL spent all morning cleaning the inside of the car, just to get rid of all the rocks and dirt that seem to stick to our paws when we get back into the car after our walk!

We went for our lunchtime walk but this time we went over the fields and had a really good sniff, especially when the horses came out for their walk as well but this time none of them did a poo!

OTL said that he had to leave us while he went to pick up the caravan which had been all sorted and serviced!

It was BORING, BORING, BORING, that was until TM came back from her Master Class and we all had a big cuddle!

Tomorrow, we are going to have some fun trying out another lens 'cos let's face it, today's pictures were terrible!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.