Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Long Day in the Car


We're back again!

Brr! It was cold this morning, the frost was that thick it looked like the Snow Fairy had returned. It was so cold that The Missus insisted we have our coats on for the early morning walk!

We were down at Grandmas place again today and had a BORING trip down there in the car. 

There were no truck drivers we could poke our tongues out at.

The other dogs we saw and woofed at, totally ignored us! 

All we could do was to sit there and sing songs all the way along the motorway!

When we'd finished at Grandmas, we stopped off at the football fields and had a run, in the daylight!

We chased Leaf Fairies and chased each other around in circles!

My Leaf Fairy!
It was great having a run in the daylight, it made a wonderful change!
Normally it's too dark to see any fairies.

Run Baby Run!
We were running so fast the Leaf Fairies couldn't keep up with us! OTL got left way behind, so, being good little puppies, we waited for him.

OTL takes so long to get here!
But we only waited five seconds!

I'm not too sure what OTL has got planned for us tomorrow, maybe a run around the Farm or maybe the Forest, yeah, we haven't been up the Forest for some time. I think we should have a word with OTL in the morning. Just about breakfast time! That's the best time to talk to him 'cos he is still half asleep and sort of dopey!

See you again tomorrow!

Daisy & Holly