Saturday, 31 March 2018

TM gets a surprise and May gets a visit to the vet!

Yo Ho Woofers!

The Lads are back, Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy ad Eric de Ferret!

Well, wot a day we have had!

We were up a little late this morning, Old Two Legs over slept and I must admit that I was enjoying being tucked up close to his back, all nice and warm!

We headed down to the Sea Wall and noticed that the customs ship had finally gone off chasing Pirates!

There is was....Gone!
Back home we settled down to a little rest while OTL de pooed the ferret cages but that had to wait a little while.

Miss May and Eric were upstairs in their cage when OTL opened the bottom door and the pair came charging down the ramps and corner levels until they jumped into OTL's hand and charged off to rampage around the house. Well, that's wot normally happens but today Eric was first out and Miss May came charging behind, except today she fell off the bottom ramp, not very high but she went crashing onto the cage floor and did a sort of forward roll and landed up on her back!

Of course OTL picked her up and gave her a cuddle just to make sure she was OK.

Then down on the floor she went and headed towards the top of the stairs when the front half of her body sort of fell over to the left. OTL picked her up again and did a closer inspection but there were no bumps., bruises or broken bones! So, she got put down and off she went down the stairs but this time she was being very careful. Not May fashion at all, normally she flies down with her paws hardly touching the carpet!

This time it was one step at a time!

Down stairs she started off towards the kitchen when her back half of her body fell over. She stopped, got her back end in line and off to the kitchen.

OTL doesn't like it when us woofers start acting out of the ordinary, it normally means trouble!

So, just after the vet was open, there was OTL and May explaining to the vet what had happened. Fearing problems like a mini stroke or brain damage or something like that.

The vet on the other paw thought that, after a thorough inspection, she decided that the fall off the ramp might have twisted or hurt her somewhere and the falling over was the result. So, May got an injection of some anti-inflammatory jollop and a cuddle!

OTL got a big bill and instructions to 'Keep an eye on her'. So, that's what we are doing but a ferret sleeps about eighteen hours a day so as you can imagine, she doesn't do too much walking!

Now that all happened first thing before OTL and The Missus were supposed to go out for lunch at the local Beefeater with number one daughter and her partner.

Lucky for them they managed to get to the restaurant in time and headed up to the top level of the restaurant.

There, hidden under the tables were all TM's children together with their children (TM's Grand children) and even their children (TM's Great Grandchildren)!

As an added surprise, Uncle Alun and Auntie Glynis were there as well!

Wot a surprise!

TM was tickled pink and everyone had a super lunch.

There was only one problem, us woofers were left at home and when TM and OTL arrived back home they didn't even have any doggy bags!

Auntie Sheila had dropped in to let us out in the garden for a wee and make sure we didn't get into trouble!

As if!

TM says that there were loads of woofers commenting on FaceAche and asking after Miss May. A BIG thanks to all for taking the time to send hugs and kisses!

So, after all that, we are heading off to bed for an early night, we just can't take all this excitement!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss May, Miss Wendy, Freddy ad Eric de Ferret!