Saturday, 4 July 2015

It's just too hot to be dry!

Hi Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Well, hasn't been a warm one today?

We were woken up at about three this morning with one of the neighbours shifting planks of wood in or out of his garden! No, we don't know either but he was making enough noise to wake Holly and me and once woken, that means 'Puppy Patrol'!

We had a march around the house but couldn't get out into the garden, so, a quick woof in Old Two Legs ear got him into a vertical position and, bouncing off the wall as he fell down the stairs,  he landed at the kitchen door to let us out!

Of course, the planking neighbour got the message and stopped making all that noise!

Now, out on early morning patrol means we didn't get up until late, in fact The Missus had left in the small car to take all her stuff up the hall for her 'Master Class'!

No big deal, we knew she would bring it back so we can go walkies later. When she did bring it back, she got out of the car and walked off back to the hall.

She didn't come in to say Bye Bye, she didn't even wave at us who were up at the window watching her!

No strokes for her tonight!

Down on the beach it was getting warm and even Miss Snowflake was looking for rock pools to paddle her paws in!

Looks Wet!
 We came across a new Doodle Type of woofer who was soaking wet, but we couldn't work out where the water came from 'cos the tide was out!

A Wet Doodle!
 Both ferrets went for a rampage through the sea weed while Holly and I said hello to the lads while the Two Legs were having their early morning gas!
The Morning Gas Bags!
 Lunchtime we were back down the beach and the tide was almost right in! I had a great time 'cos I found a stick and OTL threw it in for me and I got soaking wet all over!

This is Good!
 Holly, on the other paw, decided that swimming was stupid and a warm pile of stones was a better bet!

No, That's Stupid!
 So there I was, happily splashing in and out of the water when this low flying jet came screaming past and landed in the water!

Wot The Woofin' Heck?
 It was Bella the Staffy!

She loves the water as much as I do and we had great time chasing her ball in and out of the water. I must admit, she always beat me to the ball but it still was fun trying to keep up with her!

A Game of Catch Me!
The best bit was when she was half way up the beach and the ball was thrown and she and I ran down the beach and jumped into the water.

She always beats me but, well, she is bigger and faster than me!

Making a Big Splash!
All this time Holly was hiding away in the shade of the sea wall and resting he butt on the wet sea weed!

A Sensible place to be!
On the way back to the car she also found all the shady bits to wait for OTL to catch us up!

I know all the best places!
We are looking forward to a quiet evening tonight, a slurp of single malt and some shortbread should just hit the mark, OTL has the single malt and Holly and I help with the shortbread!

See you tomorrow Woofers!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.