Monday, 17 November 2014

A Sudden Surprise For Miss Snowflake and Holly Pretends to be a Squirrel!

Hello Woofers!

Daisy, Holly,Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles back again!

Just for a change, no rain!

It was great being out without our raincoats, at least we could have a good run and jump about!

First of all we found a big pile of Whizz Bangs that had been Whizz Banged and then burnt, GOOD!

As Holly says..............

Not So Scary Now Are You!
Miss Snowflake was looking for a place to have a wee and decided that as the tide was right in, she would have a wee at the High Tide Mark.

This looks just right for a wee!
 The only problem was, she hadn't counted on the waves, you see, they were still sort of rushing up the beach as far as they could and some times the took a big, long, run up!

This feels safe enough!
Holly, Brambles and I just stood there wondering what she was doing, I mean, didn't she look behind her first?

It's Behind You!
As the wave came rushing up the beach we all called out together!

I have never seen a ferret move so fast!

She shot up the beach, just ahead of the wave which was running as fast as it could to catch her!

All she ended up with was a wet tail and soggy paw!

From then on, she stayed right up the beach and said that in future she would stick to holes in the sand!

OK, This is a safe place!
The Missus has cooked us some new stuff to eat. There is some Ox Heart mixed with carrots  and celery and something called Cous Cous!

Well, we both had a sniff and Holly, who we think has a 'Funny Tummy' after eating Rabbit Poo, said that she just couldn't even try it!

I had a sniff and was going to leave it as well when Old Two Legs got down on the floor, picked a bit of meat out and offered it to me.

Well, I don't like disappointing him, so I took a bit and chewed it. It didn't taste too bad but the Cous Cous was very bland and sort of took away the flavour of the meat!

He offered me a couple of bits more and I sort of shovelled them down but really, meat covered in wet sawdust, really not my thing!

We both left it and retired to bed for a snooze!

Lunchtime we went out and headed into town. OTL's big car was 'Running on Fumes' and he needed to take out a small mortgage to fill the tank up again!

After that we went down to The Forest!

OTL said he was 'After some Fungi' Holly said she was after some grass and I just wanted a squirrel for tea!

OTL was having more luck finding his fungi than I was hunting Squirrel!

We had just got through the first gate when he was on his knees clicking away!

Moss & Fungi!
Then blow me down, we got moving again and I looked around the find out where he was and nothing!

He had disappeared into the bracken 'cos he had spotted another!

Fungi & Moss!
Then a bit further on he jumped into the woods again and was snapping away as though his life depended on it!

Yeah, OK, it's a nice picture, but it's not a Squirrel!
Holly said she was getting a bit fed up with me going on about squirrels, so, she climbed up into a tree and said that she was changing into a squirrel, just for me!

A Holly Squirrel!
 I said it was very kind of her but she just didn't have the tail to be a squirrel!

Holly said that sometimes there was no pleasing some woofers!

OTL was still crawling around the fallen trees and saying that the fungi was getting very colourful!

Yeah! Right!

OK, Getting colourful but not fully there yet!
Then it happened, there was a flash of grey and a little squirrel went crashing through the leaves and straight up a tree!

And that was before we could even start to chase it!

Wassat a Squirrel?
We never saw another one!

So much for Roast Squirrel for dinner!

Holly and I are going to try picking the meat out from the Cous Cous and other stuff in the bowl but as Holly says, 'She doesn't do green food, unless it's grass'!

See you tomorrow!


Daisy, Holly, Miss Snowflake and Mr Brambles.