Sunday, 10 November 2013

Mr Brambles does a Great Escape!

Hi Ho Woofers!

Here we are again, Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.

Wot a Horrid Saturday Night! Those Dopey Two Legs were letting off the Whizz Bangs again and they started early in the evening as well! About six thirty there were the 'Phut Pops', then there were the 'Whizzzzzz Pops' and finally they let off the 'Whizz Bangs'!

Holly was not a Happy Puppy and cuddled up to Old Two Legs, she was even having 'The Shakes' as well!

The results of this was we were all in bed by eight fifteen, cuddled up to OTL and he had his arm over both Holly and me. I'm not so worried by the Whizz Bangs, they just make me bark 'cos they catch me by surprise but poor Holly, she has got a real problem with them.

Silly Two Legs should go to an 'Organized Whizz Bang Show' where it is bigger, louder and longer than the things they have in their gardens. That way us Four Legs who get upset can stay at home in the quiet!

'Nuff Said!

This morning was a super, chilly, bright sun shinny morning. OTL was having breakfast with the ferrets and after their milk they started doing a Ferret War Dance around the office and chasing each other all through the cardboard boxes and tubes. In fact OTL was laughing at their antics all the way through his 'Rabbit Food' breakfast!

Mr Brambles asked if he could go out for a run this morning and because it was sunny OTL agreed providing he didn't do anything silly to hurt himself.

Off we went and of course as soon as Mr Brambles paws hit the ground he ran straight into a puddle!

Soppy Ferret!

It was fun on the beach, both Mr Brambles and Snowflake were running around sniffin' and digging holes and sniffin' and trying to get their leads wrapped around OTL's legs, just for fun!

At one stage Mr Brambles got the lead wrapped around him!

I'm getting in a bit of a messy tangle here!
 Snowflake was running up and down the beach looking for the Surf Board, but it had gone!

It was here yesterday!

We couldn't find the Surf Board, so we reckon that it must have floated away on the last tide.

Snowflake gave up on the Surf Board and was hunting around for sniffs that she thought would interest Mr Brambles!

Hey! Get a load of this Sniff!
 He was running from one sniff to the other getting all excited with every new one he came across!

Wow! There's one over here!
Holly and I were watching them frolicking about and she said that they looked like a couple of puppies who were seeing the beach for the first time!

Look at them, they're like a couple of puppies!
 The run back to car was fun as well, Snowflake was doing her 'Fast Jog' but Mr Brambles kept getting out of breath. He said that a few more morning runs and he would be back to normal. OTL offered him the use of the rowing machine if he fancied some exercise at home but Mr Brambles said that he would rather do the jogging!

Even if Mr Brambles was a little out of breath, he did say that he enjoyed 'Escaping' from home, even for a little while!

Back home we rushed in to see what there was for breakfast. The Missus had gone out to some Card and Clock Making class today.

What did we find?

Yuk! Yuk! YUK!

Holly says that TM must have forgotten to get our Lambs Heart out of the freezer and sneaked out before we got back 'cos she couldn't bear to see the disappointment on our faces!

Just wait till she gets home, no cuddles for her!

Lunch time we were out again and it was still sun shine and wind. The wind was coming from the North and when that happens, it gets cold! OTL's eyes were watering where he was walking into the wind. You see, sometimes being short is helpful, the wind didn't blow so hard for Holly and Daisy, it just whistled over the top of us!

It was fun trotting along the Sea Wall and OTL took this picture of us all!

OTL, Holly and Me!
As we got around the point we spotted a fork in the mud, 'Hey Up!' calls Holly, 'There's a Wormy Man Missing!'

Where's The Wormy Man?
Back home we all had a late spot of lunch, well, OTL made lunch for himself and Holly and I pinched bits of it!

OTL has been on his computer and playing with the camera again but I don't think he has had much success 'cos he hasn't shown me a picture worth including in today's blog!

Keep on trying OTL!

See you all tomorrow and keep your fingers crossed for Mr Brambles as he is off to the vets for a check up!


Daisy, Holly, Snowflake and Mr Brambles.