Friday, 11 February 2011

Hunting Snowdrops

Hi to you all!

D&H back again with another tale of Adventure and Daring from the two best puppies in the world!

Well, that's what OTL tells us we are, when he is brushing us.

When he gets to our tails he tells Holly she has a 'Designer' tail and mine was made for a 'Princess' .........that's me, Princess Daisy!

We got up this morning we went out with OTL for a walk over the fields and it started to rain, no sunshine today!

Maybe it would be a good idea to have our breakfast then curl up in the day bed for some serious snoozing!

No such luck! OTL decided to go out, so, he calls out, 'Who wants Walkies?'

Silly question, in a flash we were in the car and wondering where we are going, The Farm, Riverside Park, New Park, The Farm or The Woods?

We decided to go down the woods to see if the Snowdrops were out yet but on the way the rain got heavier and we changed our minds and went onto the New Park instead!

We said hello to a couple of nice dogs and all of us wished it would stop raining!

Good morning girls!
We had a run around and a sniff or two and slowly got wetter, on the bright side, there was no mud!

Wet but no mud!
Now we remembered that OTL was looking for Snowdrops so he can photograph them, so we kept looking for them. Holly said that they may be in the swimming pool, but I didn't think they grew in water, woods yes, but water, no!

This looks wet in here!
We ran around all over the place looking for these Snowdrops and raced back and forth to OTL with what we thought were Snowdrops but he said it was grass but thanked us for our efforts.

Can't find a Snowdrop anywhere!
Getting back to the car we had a good shake to get the rain off but OTL says it would be better if he was to wring us out like a couple of dishcloths!

The warm air heater went on when we got in and the sweet smell of wet dog was with us all the way home!

We spent the afternoon snoozing in our day beds until it was time for dinner.

Serious Snoozing
 Guess what's for dinner?

It's chicken again!

OTL says we have too much chicken and we will be sprouting feathers and laying eggs soon!

He's such a Wag sometimes!

See you tomorrow!